2018 Bathroom Trends

2018 Bathroom Trends

Is your bathroom ready for an update? If its been awhile since you made any changes, now is the perfect time to give your old bathroom some 2018 style. A bathroom remodel not only improves the functionality and aesthetics for you, but also adds value to your home if you decide to sell. Here are all the latest trends – from timeless elements to trending looks – to help you make your bathroom beautiful and functional.

Color Trends

Navy blue is the color choice for on trend 2018 bathrooms. Whether you incorporate a little or a lot, navy blue is the perfect complement to white hues, neutral tones, and metallic accents. A navy-blue accent wall or all over navy blue paint could be the perfect choice for your bathroom’s new look.

Natural Stone Tiles

Oversized natural stone tiles are easy to clean, which use less grout, and thus make cleaning easier. Gone are the formerly trending subway tiles, and in their place are big, bold natural stone tiles in showers and adorning backsplashes in every hue – bright and light or bold and dark.

Warm Metal Fixtures

Not just in the bathroom, but all over the house, warm metals are on trend – brass, bronze, copper, and satin nickel lend themselves this fashionable look. For the hottest style, mix your warm metal choice in fixtures with deep tones like black, charcoal, navy, or bright white to make them pop! Its easy to incorporate this latest style into your bathroom without a full-blown renovation by simply replacing your faucets and fixtures.

The Rainfall Shower

While you’re choosing fixtures for your bathroom makeover, add a rainfall shower head for natural rejuvenation and relaxation in your bathroom. Rainfall shower heads add a style and are an upgrade that won’t cause your remodel to go over budget.

The Right Lighting

On trend for 2018 in both bathrooms and kitchens is industrial lighting. Soft, spa lighting is taking a backseat as trendy industrial lighting brings a rustic style that pairs well with 2018 on trend navy blue and your favorite warm metal fixtures. Industrial lighting can be added overhead or as vanity lights for a stylish bathroom upgrade.

Technology? In the Bathroom

Technology continues to make home life easier and the bathroom is no exception. Among the must have bathroom technology is the digital shower control, a sleek version that looks like part of the décor, which allows you to perfectly control the water temperature for your shower. Some models even allow you turn on the shower from your phone, so when you arrive at the bathroom, the shower is ready and waiting!

Softening the Look with Plants

While you may already have plants in your bathroom, do you have the right ones? Certain plants thrive in the bathrooms humid environment and they certainly make a design statement while keeping the air clean too. Consider adding these flourishing bathroom plants to your design: spider plants, air plants, aloe vera, and philodendron.

Storage Galore

Additional storage is a growing bathroom trend, from shower storage to linen closets, everyone wants more storage in the bathroom of the future than was afforded them in the past.

Bidet Toilet Seats

Once final growing trend in bathroom design is the addition of the bidet toilet seat. While bidets remain popular around the world, the trend is finally catching on in North America, thanks to the bidet toilet seat. Unlike a traditional porcelain bidet that takes up much needed square footage, the trendy bidet toilet seat fits on your toilet and adds an extra measure of clean to your new trendy décor.

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