2022 Kitchen Design Trends

2022 Kitchen Design Trends

Whether you’re living in your house or renting an apartment, the kitchen has an integral role to play. And at one point, you must have thought of updating its look or general design. Let’s face it, it’s where you cook your meals, have date nights, and entertain people. To some people, it’s a temporary office at home or a place for kids to do school homework. 

Over the years, the forms our kitchens have taken from color to designs say a lot about our personality. They’re reflections of our goals, struggles, and priorities. For that reason, here are 2022 kitchen design trends with a touch of personality to choose from. Read on: 

Muted Green

Over the last few years, jewel-toned greens have been popping up in kitchens gradually as a compliment. However, the mid-tone green comeback is more popular than the rest. It’s a perfect option to combine with neutral colors in your kitchen. The delicate touch of this color adds a subtle tone to your kitchen with a vibrant appeal. 

Living-room Extension

To those who love open plan kitchens, here is an opportunity to update your style. Living-room extension is now a popular trend that makes the entire space feel like one. It combines your living room and kitchen seamlessly eliminating the distinction between these spaces. 

To get it right, you’ll have to embrace curve style on all your focal point furniture. That means you will need a round table. Round pendants and most importantly, cabinets with curved corners. Alternatively, you can explore other ideas on living-room extension. 


The beauty of this stone has inspired various kitchen trends this year. In this particular case, it entails all the possible ways you can add marble into your kitchen and complement the space. Some of the interesting options you can consider are marble countertops, accent walls, and vanities, among others. 

Unique Tiles

What types of styles or perhaps backsplashes do you have in your kitchen? Well, if they are regular ones, you should try unique tiles. This is an interesting kitchen trend that incorporates tiles with unique dimensions and texture into your existing style. 

1950s Style

If you love a touch of classics, the 1950s style is back. And it’s more vibrant, exciting and energizing. Thanks to this trend, you can introduce your personality into the style seamlessly. Just like then, this style combines bright colors with retro shades. 

Green Marble

Green marbles happen to be among the top kitchen trends. As a result, many people are integrating this style into the kitchen. The exciting thing about green marble is that you can work with various shades of green. As such, it allows for individuality. 

Bold Colors 

Feeling like your kitchen is too dull? Well, you will love to hear that the bold colors trend is on. It’s an opportunity to choose striking colors that will make your kitchen pop. With this style, you have more room to pick the style you prefer. As long as your colors are bold, you’re on the right course. However, it’s important to consider the rest of the house when choosing the colors. You need color options that blend well with the rest of the house.

Final Take 

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