5 Cabinet Styles To Consider For Your Next Kitchen Remodel

5 Cabinet Styles To Consider For Your Next Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, we are talking about the focal point in a kitchen. A typical kitchen has nearly 35 to 40 percent of its real estate covered by cabinets, which means the cabinet style you are going to choose must reflect your idea of an ideal kitchen. Unfortunately, making a decision about cabinet style can be a daunting one, especially when there are so many options on the market. 

As contractors, we consider it as our duty to help homeowners get off on the right foot so they can make the right choice. To help you get started, we put together some of the most popular cabinet styles including a couple of traditional ones that would be best for any kitchen remodel. So without further ado, let’s start with the first pick on our list, shaker style cabinets. 

Shaker Style

With sleek border lines and a minimalistic feel, Shaker Cabinets are one of the most popular choices right now because they can seamlessly work their way into any aesthetic – be it modern or traditional. It’s the simplicity of these cabinets that compliments any design style you are aiming for. You can go with traditional edge detailing if you are going for a rustic farmhouse theme or a lean half-inch frame for a modern look. 

Frameless Cabinets

First seen in Europe, Frameless Cabinets quickly picked up a fan-following in the US market due to their modern and contemporary look. Besides offering more interior space, these cabinets feature a classic and yet modern aesthetic with overlay doors that can directly attach to the main unit. If minimalism is what you are aiming for in your next kitchen remodel, you can never go wrong with frameless cabinets. 

Slab Style

Often referred to as Flat Panel Cabinets, Slab Cabinet Doors are a great choice for a wide variety of kitchen designs. Additionally, they come in various finishes and veneers which allows you to customize and experiment with ideas until you get exactly what you want. You can go with glossy white lacquer for a modern look or natural wood tones if you are aiming for a traditional look. It’s important to note that, despite having a luxurious and high-end look, they don’t have to be too heavy on your wallet.  

Traditional Cabinets

Best known for their timeless look and design elements, Traditional-Style Cabinets can go a long way to add an elegant touch to your kitchen. They can seamlessly pair up with rustic-theme furniture and ornaments to create a warm and yet welcoming look. The best approach with traditional style cabinets is to combine glazes and antique finishes with warm color palettes. Unlike modern cabinetry, traditional cabinets often feature arches, detailed edge designs, and varnishing. 

Beadboard Cabinets

Our last pick on this list, Beadboard Cabinets, are appropriate for any modern farmhouse-themed kitchen designs. If you are excited about evoking a traditional touch in your otherwise contemporary kitchen, these cabinets should be perfect for your next kitchen remodel. Additionally, they are moderately priced so you won’t have to worry about the budget. While some prefer them stained, others like to paint them to match the aesthetics of their kitchen. 

Choose The Right Contractors

At Tops Kitchen Cabinet, we provide the best-in-class service to all our clients. Our remodeling experts and cabinet designers are happy to go the extra mile in helping you make the right choice. In addition to cabinets, we also deal in kitchen accessories and countertops to help you build your dream kitchen. If you are interested in learning more about the best cabinet choices for your kitchen design, contact our amazing team today. 


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