The Best of Kitchen Cabinetry 2020

The Best of Kitchen Cabinetry 2020

If you are designing or redesigning your kitchen, you already know that cabinets make up the bulk of your kitchen and contribute a healthy portion to your budget’s bottom line. The cabinetry you choose also can make your kitchen stylish and functional or outdated and inoperative. As you make the decisions for you kitchen design, you’ll want to know not only the current trends, but the best trends in kitchen cabinetry to add style, function, and value now and in the years ahead. Here is the best of kitchen cabinetry for 2020, the start of a new decade.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

As eco-friendly, sustainable products become more readily available, it is no surprise they have made their way into kitchen design. Following IKEA’s lead, where eco-friendly bamboos and repurposed materials are the norm, cabinetry made from sustainable or upcycled materials are growing in popularity. Along with materials, consumers are expecting responsible manufacturing as well as low emissions finishes. As suppliers and manufacturers understand the demand, the trend is likely to continue on an upward spiral as options for eco-friendly materials continue to grow.

Color Cabinetry Reigns

Even though all-white kitchens enjoy timeless popularity and sleek monochromatic kitchens have edged out other trends in years past, color is making a big comeback in the new decade. Dramatic colors, from dark hues to bright tones, are making their way into the kitchen alongside natural wood tones. Think navy blue cabinetry with gray marble countertops, or vivid turquoise against a dark backsplash. If you have picked up a design magazine lately, or watched recent design shows, blues are the cabinetry color choice for 2020. Contrasting colors are on the rise, with dark tones and light accents and pops of unexpected color on backsplashes and with appliances.

Open Shelving Trend Bringing Cabinetry Changes 

With the disappearance of upper cabinets and the advent of open shelving in kitchen design, the need for more storage has brought changes in lower cabinetry design. Open shelving allows homeowners to add their unique style and personality to the kitchen, while making dinnerware, spices, and other accoutrements more easily accessible. Of course, without upper cabinets there is less storage which has created the demand for larger, deeper drawers in lower cabinets to house bowls, pots, pans and more. Pantry items, along with appliances like microwaves, are also making their way into deep cabinet drawers.

Changing Hardware

The popular deep tones of today’s cabinets are bringing a new wave of hardware to kitchen cabinetry design. Among the most modern is gold hardware, muted with a matte finish, which can be exclusive or mixed with other metallic hardware finishes. Minimalist handles, pulls, and knobs, some even hidden, are also gaining in popularity. They pair well with natural wood finishes, like walnut (more on this cabinet trend to come). Cut-out handles are trending, providing a more organic look with natural finishes.

Walnut Cabinets

There is no doubt that painted cabinets reign supreme, but dark wood cabinets, like walnut, are also making a bold style statement. Walnut, while always a popular choice for furniture, is now trending in kitchen design. As durable as it is beautiful, walnut is a timeless choice for today’s kitchens.

Glass Doors

Glass doors, last popular way back in the 1990s, are making a comeback. Why? It fits with today’s minimalist philosophy which lends itself to organization and simplicity. Like open shelving, glass doors on upper cabinetry provide a showcase for collections, antiques, and artsy displays. Plus, with greater storage in lower cabinets on the rise, the glass cabinets can provide a lovely focal point for the kitchen.

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