Brighten Your Day With The Top Kitchen Colors of 2016

Brighten Your Day With The Top Kitchen Colors of 2016

If you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen this year, we’ve got the details on the most popular kitchen colors of 2016. 

White, stainless steel and black remain popular kitchen colors, but this year we will see more shades of gray taking center stage in the kitchen. In fact, many designers are considering gray the up and coming ‘default’ kitchen color.

“Cappuccino White” is another color that is taking some share from brighter shades of white. This particular off-shade of white could be described as a more neutral and creamy white said to provide a calming atmosphere.

Sparkling deep blues and natural green tones are also showing up on more interior designers’ radars.

Mixing Bright With Basic

Black, white and stainless steel remain popular kitchen colors but it’s becoming increasingly popular to add bright pops of color. Adding bright colors to an accent wall, backsplash or set of cabinets can make your entire kitchen that much better.

Go Bold In New Ways

Blues and yellows have remained common bright kitchen colors for a long time but people are going bolder than that now. According to the senior designer at Sherwin Williams, Becky Ralich Spak, “Aztec clay colors – such as copper, henna and ginger—as well as gold tones, are popular options.”

It’s not just unique colors but the places that they are showing up that are pretty striking. For instance it’s becoming more commonplace for people to incorporate a bright orange sink or bright red countertops in an otherwise classic kitchen.  More color is better; you don’t want a kitchen that’s all one color as this is interpreted by the eye as “flat.” In order to create dimension more color is the way to go.

Bold Color Doesn’t Have To Be Bright

Just because you’re interested in incorporating color into your kitchen doesn’t mean you have to go for the brightest shades out there. There are plenty of on-trend kitchens with great color schemes that do not include bright colors at all.

Warm colors are equally appealing going forward into 2016 and beyond. Cool pinks, rustic greens and sweet hues of apricot add a great touch to any kitchen.

Muted color palettes are incredibly popular including charcoal, grays and neutral pastels. Dark woods have ruled supreme for a long time, but lighter woods are becoming increasingly coveted with everything from cabinets to hardwood floors shifting towards a lighter appearance. 

According to interior designer Gail Drury, “Drier colors will become popular. Muted blues and greens and pale yellow pastel will be used as accent colors.”

Heavy Metal Lover

Metal range hoods are taking over kitchens everywhere and so are plenty of other metal accents. Copper, brass and bronze are growing tremendously in popularity. These colors can be incorporated on lighting fixtures, faucets, appliances and so many other parts of the kitchen. Metals are expected to trump wood in kitchens by the end of 2016. These industrial shades add nice contrast to the kitchen.


Texture is equally important to color. Adding unique textures to your kitchen creates a fun pop and draws the eye around the room. Texture could be incorporated through a fun backsplash, a touch of grass cloth or natural background fabrics.

It’s not so much about mixing and matching textures but instead, according to Drury, “Strong contrasting designs are being replaced with more texture-on-texture designs.”

For instance, designers are beginning to assemble the same texturized pattern throughout different parts of the kitchen. They may even apply three different finishes to the same texture to give off a unique yet familiar look. Drury adds, “The difference is very subtle but at the same time makes a statement about attention to detail.”

Inspiration From India

As India’s culture becomes more integrated with American culture we see key elements from their design schemes showing up in more kitchens in the states. Hence the rise in soothing shades of orange and yellow as well as bright pops of red, all of which are classically popular kitchen colors in India.

Chalk Paint

Forget normal paint colors, chalk paint continues to gain popularity as more people realize the fun you can have adding chalk paint to just about any surface. Not only do you get a fun and modern look, but also you now have a convenient place to write notes, recipes, and so forth.

Don’t Forget The Lighting!

Lighting is incredibly important when it comes to making the colors in your kitchen pop. Lighting alone can drastically change the look and feel of your kitchen. Poor lighting can make a shade of yellow appear dingy and dull, while the right lighting can transform it into a brighter and more appealing color.

Many people are adding low-voltage lighting strips to the undersides of cabinets, with LED lights standing as the norm. LED lights can be grouped together with recessed lighting in order to create mood-setting lighting.

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