How to Bring Character to Your Kitchen

How to Bring Character to Your Kitchen

Everyone wants their kitchen to beautiful, a complement to the rest of their home, and functional, making the work done their enjoyable and delicious. Neither is difficult to achieve, but the question remains, just how can you instill your own unique character to your kitchen, a space you and your family spend a great deal of time. Let’s take some time to explore all the ways you can bring character to your kitchen, while achieving optimal function and aesthetic beauty.

Consider Wood Flooring

Wood continues to find its way into the kitchen and, truthfully, with good reason. Natural wood and bamboo flooring immediately bring character wherever they are installed, including your kitchen. Hardwood flooring is resilient. While it may not be as practical as ceramic tile or plank vinyl, hardwood delivers classic, timeless style, comes in a variety of hues and styles, and can easily complement colors and styles which may come and go in your home. Natural wood brings warmth and delivers unique character to your kitchen.

Light It Up

Lighting is a great way to enliven the character of your kitchen. Well-chosen lighting not only adds functionality, but also comfort and charm. Consider adding a distinctive chandelier your dining table, utility lighting under kitchen cabinets and within your pantry, or a warm accent light to dark corner. If your kitchen features wall art, accent lighting above them offers highlights and draws attention.

Entryways into the Kitchen

In many homes, the kitchen features and entry either from the outside (deck, porch, or patio) or the garage. Either way, those entries often become areas that collect clutter – shoes, mail, keys, backpacks, jackets – you get the idea. If space allows, adding an appealing storage unit, basket, bench, or table, can organize those items while adding a bit of character to your kitchen.

What to Do with Windows

Most kitchens have windows, at least one, and other have French doors or sliders to allow light to enter. While you may not want curtains in the kitchen, colorful window treatments to top off or accent your windows can draw the eye, add character, and not impeded the natural light. Another unique touch is the addition of decorative shutters to add a warm, yet rustic and cozy appeal.

Architectural Details

Some kitchens feature beautiful architectural details while others seem lacking. You can bring character to your basic builder’s kitchen by installing cornices atop your cabinetry, framing your windows with ornamental molding, or even adding furniture style accents (like feet) to your lower cabinets. Next, examine your kitchen space for unused or underutilized areas. These spaces can often be transformed to bring the character you desire to your kitchen. A plain wall is often waiting to be modified with the creation of a recessed niche or a custom art piece.

Storage or Display or Both

Those aforementioned, underutilized spaces can sometimes be creatively fashioned for attractive storage. Why not claim the space with the latest trend, open shelving, to showcase collectibles, eye-catching kitchen art, vintage signs, or select pieces of grandma’s crystal. 

Customize for Character

You can add character simply by adding a coat of paint to decorative brackets to customize your open  shelving or painting your kitchen cabinets. Another great way to add distinctive appeal to your kitchen is by changing out your cabinet pulls and knobs. While you’re at it, you might want to trade worn doorknobs with unique replacements to add the finishing touches.

Bring the Outdoors In for Fresh Appeal

Plants or flowers add instant appeal to any room, but especially the kitchen. Consider added fresh flowers in colorful vase, or creating a mini garden of herbs in a windowsill to add an unexpected pop of character to your kitchen. An added bonus, you’ve not got fresh herbs to add to all your culinary delights.

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