How to Choose the Perfect Cabinets for Your Kitchen

How to Choose the Perfect Cabinets for Your Kitchen

When designing your kitchen or preparing for your kitchen remodel, cabinetry is an important consideration. The cabinets you choose can make or break your design, so it is important to choose wisely. First of all, you want to make the most of your space – from function to floorplan, and that means exploring lots of looks and layouts. You’ll also want to make decisions on complementary features like backsplashes, countertops, windows, and lighting. Today, the focus is how to choose perfect cabinets for your kitchen, so let’s get started!

Colors plus Finishes

While colorful kitchen cabinetry is all the rage at the moment, it’s important to consider your investment and whether the color you love now is one you’ll still be in love with as the years pass. If you want to get in on the trend, but not go overboard, try a colorful hue on your walls, or even on your island, allowing the rest of the kitchen design to support it with pretty, neutral hues. Should you be bold and want to try the trend, two tone cabinetry may be the perfect option for your kitchen.
Stained cabinetry is always in style, allowing you to get some color in the kitchen and still relish in the beauty of the wood. Stain colors – whites, blues, browns, grays, greens, offer great ways to enhance your kitchen. You might even consider the latest distressed finishes – which allow you to use color, but also embrace the warmth of a classic kitchen. Cherry wood is trending right now, and offers rich, deep finishes, but also popular is mahogany and bamboo.

Doors, Doors, Doors

Cabinet doors styles include flat, inset, shaker, and more, and allow you to coordinate kitchen style with the rest of your home. Keep in mind, your cabinet doors don’t all have to be wood or other solid material. Glass cabinet doors are trending and allow you to show off your favorite dishes and glasses inside. Shaker remains a timeless cabinet which never goes out of style. You can also add more functional doors to your new design – including flip-ups, corner drawers, and pocket doors. And if you can’t decide on one, mix and match two different cabinet styles for greater style and flair.

Cabinet Hardware Trends

Whatever cabinet style you select, you’ll want to add functional soft-close drawers and doors. Some cabinet have this feature built in while others consider it an add-on with additional costs. You’ll also want to ask if door hardware is adjustable, allowing installers to ensure uniform fits with no gaps. And remember, you don’t have to select high-end luxury cabinets to get special features like pull out organizers, spice racks, pull outs, and more, as these are available on most semi-custom designs on the market today.

Now, in the way of aesthetic hardware options like drawer pulls and knobs, the choices are endless. And here some tips to help you get started. Flat panel cabinets offer modern flair, and look best with simple, contemporary designed pulls. If you chose raised panel style cabinets, going traditional means classic, beautiful pulls and knobs to accent. Should Shaker be your cabinet style of choice, then you have lots of options, as timeless Shaker pairs with ceramic, glass, brass, or nickel knobs, bin pulls, flat bar pulls, tubular bar pulls, and more.

In The Details

Molding in an easy way to upgrade your cabinet style, creating a custom look and feel. Corbels, toe kicks, aprons, and decorative supports can add to overall aesthetic impact. Frosted and textured glass can also add a unique touch if you choose glass front cabinetry. If you can imagine it, it is quite possible the details you love can be incorporated into your kitchen design. As you plan, keep these details in mind to put the finishing touches on your new kitchen.

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