Choosing the Best Countertops

Choosing the Best Countertops

When deciding what countertop to install in your kitchen, there are many aspects to consider besides practicality and design elements. If you’re still unsure of the type of countertop to get and how it can best fit your kitchen, allow us to share a few tips on choosing the best countertop for you!

Know How You’ll Use Your Countertop 

Before you look into the different kinds of countertops on the market, create a mental picture of how you would like your kitchen to look. Whether or not you’ll be cooking a lot or having guests around at all times, there are different factors you should consider when choosing the base material.

After understanding the typical environment in your kitchen, you will be in a better position to decide on the material best suited for your home. You might also find ways to save some money if a less expensive option turns out more aesthetically suitable. Moreover, understanding how you’ll use your countertop gives you leeway to possibly mix and match different materials depending on your kitchen setup.

Think of Your Space

When finalizing the right spot to put your countertop, it’s always a good idea to keep a pen and paper handy. You wouldn’t want to overestimate or underestimate the dimensions as it would most likely lead to the wastage of materials. 

Try to measure the space with a scale where you want your countertop to be and consult with your countertop provider accordingly. Do not hastily act on a rough judgment call that could lead to alignment issues when it comes time to have it installed in your lovely kitchen.

Maintenance Keeping

Before choosing a material, know how much maintenance is involved with each of them before making your final decision. Different materials demand varying levels of upkeep that you need to consider. Depending on how much time and resources you are willing to invest in taking care of the countertop, some options might work better than others.

For instance, a material like quartz would only require basic wiping and cleaning regularly. However, once you dive into more complex pallets, such as granite, marble, and even limestone, you’ll have to do yearly sealing and oiling to keep your countertop in its best shape.

Know Your Aesthetic

Now, for the most exciting part: Which finish looks best? Well, there are a bunch of issues you should consider here. Besides the color and finish, you also want to ensure that it coordinates  harmoniously with other elements of your kitchen. Although one might argue that looks are purely subjective, a few general tips can go a long way to help you. 

Create a base theme in your mind or get a second opinion from a friend. To add a bit of flair, consider going with a flamed finish, or if you prefer a subtle finish, polished and honed finishes are your best option.

Prices Can Vary

Different materials vary widely in terms of price. That said, if cared for properly, any countertop can last decades. If you happen to be building your kitchen from the ground up, consider investing some time in countertop ideas early on. 

Having your priorities outlined clearly in your head can give you an upper hand on these decisions. When it comes to creating an organic flow in your kitchen, aesthetics are just as important as other factors. 

Find The Best Fit! 

If you’re still having trouble deciding which countertop is best, contact us so that we may assist you accordingly. At Tops Kitchen Cabinets, we are committed to helping you create the kitchen of your dreams!


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