Choosing The Right Wallpaper for Your Kitchen

Choosing The Right Wallpaper for Your Kitchen

Wallpaper is back and bigger than ever before, often creating the ideal style in your space, even your kitchen. That’s right, today wallpaper is an integral part of home design, no longer relegated to bedrooms or formal living spaces. Plus, modern wallpaper continues to make strides, advancing with design as well as technology. In the past, designers and homeowners avoided wallpaper in the hot, humid spaces in the home, like kitchens for example, but that’s all changed. Now, wallpaper delivers creativity with versatility, in a simple to use was to transform your kitchen space. Let’s explore the benefits of wallpaper as the ideal multipurpose solution for both style and practicality.

Wallpaper – Durable, Long-Lasting, and Easy to Clean

The kitchen can be a messy place, prone to spills and spatters, all of which make easy to clean, durable, and long-lasting design choices a must, particularly for those who are serious about their culinary skills. Paint, with easy to clean options, as well as tiles, and other hard surfaces, may seem like the better choice when compared to wallpaper. But are they? In some cases, maybe, as classic wallpapers can get dirty, absorb odors, and well, lose their beauty as dirt builds up which means, if choosing wallpaper for your kitchen, you’ll want to avoid textured or fabric wallpapers. On the other hand, manufacturers are designing new kitchen wallpapers, some of which are wipeable and even washable. Yes, wipeable and washable, ready to be easily cleaned with your favorite mild cleaner and a damp cloth, and perfectly durable and long-lasting for your new kitchen design.

Types of Wallpaper for Your Kitchen

As mentioned, not all types of wallpaper are appropriate for your kitchen, but vinyl and washable wallpapers are ideal for kitchen design. Paper-backed vinyl wallpapers feature patterns and colors printed on the surface. Made from ethylene, vinyl wallpapers are washable, impervious to water, durable, and resistant to fading even in bright sunlight. Washable wallpapers are different, offering a clear plastic coating over the printed paper design. The coating resists staining and smudging and allows them to be wiped clean with a moist, soft cloth.

Wallpaper – Design, Patterns, and Colors

Wallpaper options offer a wide range of design options including a multitude of colors and patterns. From simple to ornate, warm to dynamic, eclectic to timeless, the wallpaper you choose will help define your kitchen space and let your share your style with all who enter. When choosing your color or pattern, pair simple patterns with vivid or bold colors and elaborate designs with uncomplicated neutrals for best results. Always keep your cabinetry, countertops, and hardware in mind as you choose, taking care to complement the current style.

And, keep in mind, you don’t have to have four walls covered in the same wallpaper, but can opt for a feature wall to show off your style. You can use paint or tiles to highlight the wallpaper and draw the eye to it. Always remember to choose the focal wall and a wallpaper which won’t overwhelm the space. When choosing wallpaper, let your creativity and style guide you to the perfect choice for your kitchen.

If your budget is an issue, a focal wall is a great way to use wallpaper creatively and safe money on your overall kitchen design project. Another popular option for using wallpaper is by putting it in on the back wall of your cabinets or inside your drawers. You’ll get lots of compliments and won’t bust the budget in the process.

One final tip, select your wallpaper color and pattern with care, choosing timeless styles and colors which offer fresh looks and never go out of style.

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