Coordinating Granite with Cabinets

Coordinating Granite with Cabinets

Granite remains a top choice for kitchens due to its ability to develop a unique style and complement virtually any décor. If that weren’t enough, granite brings an ethereal aesthetic, inviting family and friends into the space. Of course, granite also offers a high quality surface, in a variety of colors and finishes, with a natural resistance to daily wear and tear during prepping, cooking, and cleaning. Granite is naturally resistant to heat, moisture, and scratches, making it an ideal choice for kitchen countertops. Coupled with premium wood cabinetry, granite offers additional benefits of a timeless appearance, enhanced durability, and overall value in your home. Let’s explore these tips on choosing the perfect granite to coordinate with your cabinetry.

Counting the Cost of Granite

When you chose granite for your kitchen countertops, you are making an investment, not only in your kitchen but also in the total value of your home. When choosing your granite color and pattern you need to consider the color of your cabinets as well as the style and color of your floors, walls, and backsplash. Whether your style is contemporary, classic, country, or timeless, making the selection of granite to coordinate with cabinets and overall style.

Popular Granite Selections

Granite, as a natural stone, offers a plethora of colors and patterns, all unique, from which to choose. Let’s explore some of the more popular options and how your choice can work perfectly in your kitchen design.

  • Gray Granite – Gray granite may be among the most versatile, complementing nearly all kitchen styles. Gray granite promises a variety of patterns and shades ranging from pink to black, making it the ideal pairing for white or light wood cabinetry. Add in stainless steel appliances, a glass tile backsplash, and white or gray flooring and you have a beautiful, fresh kitchen design. If you prefer more drama in your space, you can pair gray granite with red, black, yellow, or bright green for a unique look and style.
  • Black Granite – Black granite brings a pop of drama to your kitchen with its bronze specks and patterning. It is ideal for kitchens with lots of natural light. Of course, the bronze complements light colored wood cabinetry and can be paired with a honey or other warm hued backsplash. Those seeking pops of color, will find red the perfect accoutrement to black granite. Black granite can also create an distinct look when partnered with dark wood cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and a light-colored backsplash.
  • Brown Granite – You might be surprised to find brown granite with cream and black patterning among the most common selections for kitchen countertops. This durable brown granite works well with darker wood tone cabinetry. Plus, because brown granite often features other colors in the slab, it often whispers the ideal accent color choices with which to pair.
  • White Granite – White granite, much like white kitchens never go out of style. White granite complements every cabinet color including white cabinetry, and can be paired with backsplashes of every hue. It can be clean and modern when paired with stainless steel appliances and brushed nickel hardware, or white appliances and black accents for a more timeless feel.
  • Distinct Granite Hues – With granite, you aren’t limited to gray, black, brown, or white, but may find red, green, or blue granite more to your liking and personal style. When choosing the more rare and exotic colors, you will incur a greater expense, but one you will likely deem well worth it given the distinctive kitchen you will be creating to enjoy.

Granite and Wood Cabinets – A Perfect Match

You’ve discovered the way to coordinate your granite countertops and your solid wood cabinetry, now you can get started on your kitchen remodel and be well on your way to enjoying the beauty and function of your kitchen for years to come. Call on the experts at Tops Kitchen Cabinet and Granite to answer all your granite and cabinetry questions and help you get you project started today.

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