Counting the Cost of Kitchen Remodeling

Counting the Cost of Kitchen Remodeling

Nearly everyone has a dream kitchen in mind, one they hope to have one day. For some a kitchen remodel means a freshly updated space designed to increase resale value. For others it is a dream come true, creating a functional, aesthetically pleasing space to enjoy with family and friends. In today’s homes, the kitchen is the heart where families and friends gather. If your day has come and you are planning your dream kitchen remodel, it is important to count the cost. You’ll need to know ahead of time what price you can expect to pay in your area of the country, plus you will also want to know what you can afford, that is what your budget will allow.

The Actual Cost of Kitchen Remodeling

Across the United States, the cost of remodeling a kitchen varies a great deal, from metropolitan regions to rural areas, north to south, and east to west. In most cases, remodels in the South are considerably less costly than those in the North and West, with a major kitchen renovation costing $20,000 to $25,000 less. In fact, a complete kitchen remodel in Florida with similar materials will cost up to $25,000 less than the same project in California.

Recent stats on kitchen remodeling, estimates the national average for middle range kitchen remodels at just over $66,000, while a high end, premium full-blown kitchen remodel can cost more than twice that amount. In the South Atlantic which includes Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North and South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., a midrange kitchen remodel averages $63,000 but should you opt for a high-end remodel, the price tag doubles. The same is true for those living in the Pacific region – Alaska, California, Oregon, and Washington – where an upscale kitchen remodel averages nearly $150,000 dollars and a middle range remodel comes in at around half of that amount. Adding luxury materials like premium stone (granite, marble, and the like) high end flooring, premium faucets, and state of the art commercial grade appliances will significantly increase your overall kitchen remodeling costs.

It is important to keep in mind, that those in the market for a complete kitchen remodel who are budget minded, can keep prices down, coming in with costs at around $35,000 or less. In fact, a small kitchen remodel can be completed for as little as $4,000, with a mid-sized kitchen averaging $13,000. Even those who want luxury and lavish additions who are frugally-minded, can get the job done for less than $50,000. Doing so requires some additional legwork on the part of the homeowner – such as finding the best pricing for the products they want – but it can be done.

Staying on Budget and Getting the Kitchen of Your Dreams

Home builders and contractors recommend setting your kitchen remodel budget near what you could expect to earn if you were planning to sell your home in five years. You want to design with beauty and function in mind for your family, but the extent of your planned makeover will determine the bulk of your costs. Cabinets top the list, often costing nearly 25 percent of the overall remodeling budget. You can save by going budget friendly with wholesale cabinetry or big box retail options with standard cabinet boxes and custom doors. Adding trendy hardware can help you create a more luxurious aesthetic. The same idea will work with the faucet and sink as well, adding a high-quality faucet to a less expensive sink. Consider creating clean lines rather adding ornate accoutrements in your design to keep you on budget. Appliances are another big cost factor in kitchen remodeling. Cutting costs here means choosing quality mid-range appliances rather than high-end trendy options. Whatever you decide, your dream kitchen is always in reach with the proper planning and budget.

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