Create A Timeless Farmhouse Theme For Your Kitchen

Create A Timeless Farmhouse Theme For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important places in your house, it is where all the magic happens. So, it is only natural to want to give your kitchen the perfect rustic and timeless look. 

The perfect look is embodied in the farmhouse theme for your kitchen. That’s right, having a farmhouse theme for your kitchen not only gives it a more homey feel but it is generally more inviting and practical as a design. So, sit back, relax, and let’s create your dream farmhouse kitchen. 

White Cabinets 

Installing or painting your existing cabinets white is the best decision you will make when you want a farmhouse-themed kitchen. Alternatively, you can also use colors like beige or cream as they have a similar effect. White cabinets instantly brighten up your kitchen, giving it both a cozy and timeless look. 

Wooden Countertops 

When it comes to farmhouse-themed kitchens, butcher block countertops are the most popular choice. There are other materials you can also choose from such as marble or soapstone. However, wood remains a favorite simply because of its simple yet rustic appearance. It accentuates the features of a kitchen, making it more inviting.  

Open Shelves 

If you want a farmhouse-themed kitchen, consider having open shelves. Open shelves fit perfectly into the theme making the space look more spacious yet cozy. Plus, you can always put your favorite dishes on display to match the theme. 

Black and White Tiles 

Black and white tiles are a classic when it comes to farmhouse kitchens. Think of the floor looking similar to a chess board. Now, pairing the floor with some mellow/modern lighting and wooden fixtures would complement the floor extremely well. They are often used in contemporary themes, but they can also help you create a timeless look.  


Blue is another color that flows with farmhouse-themed kitchens very well. However, not just any blue; since we are going for a pleasant backdrop, you should pick a lighter shade of blue. When paired with wooden countertops and antique dining furniture, it can create awe-inspiring environments. It gives the space a rustic and yet cozy feel that lasts over time. 

Library Ladder 

One of the best decisions you can make while designing your dream farmhouse kitchen is installing a library ladder. You can install a ladder as a storage space/shelf or simply to reach the upper cabinets. Having a library ladder in your kitchen can add subtle nuances which make it look unique but not tacky. And if you think about it, who wouldn’t mind having extra storage space, right? 

Farmhouse Sink 

A sink is an integral part of the kitchen. Naturally, a farmhouse-themed kitchen sink should be large and deep. It is good both in design and practicality. When you have a big sink, it is easy to clean up and doesn’t cause more of a mess. You can use different materials for the sink; however, the most popular choice remains marble or granite. Of course, you can customize your sink to fit your overall theme. 

Tiled Brick Walls 

Last but not least are tiled brick walls. Now, when you think of a farm, you probably have an image of a brick-walled kitchen. A brick wall kitchen has always been a classic when it comes to farmhouse themes. It is cost effective, easy to install, and can last many years with minimal care. Brick tiled walls will tie the whole theme together beautifully, giving your kitchen the rustic look you have in mind. 

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