Creating a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Creating a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Are you planning to create a modern farmhouse kitchen? Well, you only need a few key elements to bring out this inspiring design. By combining industrial accents, rustic elements, and modern features, you’ll never go wrong. To help you get started, here are resourceful tips on how to create a modern farmhouse kitchen: 

Install White Cabinets or Paint the Existing One

White cabinets are known to instantly induce the bright farmhouse kitchen feel. Alternatively, you can work with beige or cream to get a similar effect. Many people prefer milk paint because of its unique finish on the cabinets, plus it’s non-toxic. While bright colors remain the popular choice, it doesn’t make them the only option. 

There are vibrant options aside from white like grey and navy blue. They not only exude the farmhouse kitchen feel but also add a touch of trend to your space. If you’re searching for a touch of character, then two-toned cabinets and cupboards will do. Consider white over moss green or grey. These combinations will add warmth and unique appeal to your kitchen. 

Metal Fixtures

For a modern look, choose glossy metal fixtures, whether they’re bronze, copper, or black metal. You can blend various metal fixtures to add personalization in your kitchen without overpowering the entire design with colors. 

Since your kitchen is one of the kitchen focal points, choose a striking color that blends with the backsplash.  Thereafter, you can do the same with cabinet and cupboard door handles. When blending the metal tones, stick with two for aesthetic appeal.  

Choice of Countertop

There are three major options for a countertop material that will fit perfectly into your farmhouse kitchen style. They include soapstone, marble, and wood. Out of the three options, wood is always a favorite pick for people who want a typical farmhouse kitchen feel. In this case, a butcher block will be an excellent choice. Besides looking great, it’s convenient, inexpensive, and low-maintenance. 

Farmhouse Sink

The farmhouse sink is a must-have for your kitchen to be complete. Standing out as a wide and deep kitchen sink, it’s both strikingly appealing and practical. These sinks are popular for holding many dishes at once. Further, their size makes it easy to clean utensils without causing a mess. 

Glass-front Cabinets

This is a brilliant touch of style to incorporate into your farmhouse kitchen. While open shelving is a traditional accent, glass-front cabinets incorporate a modern touch into their entire style. To unify the exterior and interior of the cabinet, consider using the same color on shelves and glass frames. For a country-style kitchen, pastel shades and soft neutrals will do. 

Hardwood Floor

If you’re looking for an authentic farmhouse feel with modern touches, a wood floor is a must. With that said, avoid marble and tile flooring since they won’t provide that feel. When it comes to the choice of wood, you can work with any. So, whether it’s walnut, oak, vintage, or barn board, feel free to work with any of them. 

Exposed Beams

Also, exposed ceilings cannot go unnoticed, especially in instilling the farmhouse kitchen feel. Therefore, if your kitchen roof has beams, go ahead and expose them. 

Large Kitchen Table or an Island

Lastly, introduce a sense of community by installing a large kitchen table or an island. However, go for this feature if you have enough room in your space. While it’s not uniquely a farmhouse kitchen element, it still plays a part in exuding that feel. 

Final Take 

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