Designing Your Kitchen to Match Your Healthy Lifestyle

Designing Your Kitchen to Match Your Healthy Lifestyle

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent closings and stay at home orders, many families have found themselves in the kitchen more than ever preparing meals together. In doing so, many have discovered kitchens which need to be redesigned not only to make them more functional but also to allow them to match the much sought-after healthier lifestyle. Whether you have only recently moved toward a healthier lifestyle, or if you have always strived for health and wellness, there are lots of ways you can design your kitchen to complement your healthy lifestyle. 

You probably already know your kitchen and what’s in it act as guide for how you eat. After all, everyone knows eating fresh, organic foods are better than processed foods. The question remains – Is your kitchen design helping or hindering your pursuit of health and wellness? Can your kitchen actually be designed to match your healthy lifestyle more effectively? Let’s explore how you can align your kitchen and your healthy lifestyle. 

Historical Kitchen Design

Many of today’s kitchens are still designed based on post-WWII era plans. It was a when women began to work outside the home more frequently and processed, convenience foods were on the rise. Cooking from scratch fell out of favor, and pre-packaged foods rushed in to fill the gap. Functional kitchens went out, and storage and gadgetry (microwaves in particular) dominated kitchen design.

Time for a New Design

Times are changing, and today’s families are embracing minimalism and healthier lifestyles. These changes need to be incorporated into today’s kitchen design as families are preparing fresh food and eating together. Counter space is needed for food prep with family and friends. The “less is more” trend means families no longer need massive storage for multiple sets of dinnerware and loads of gadgets.

Match Your Healthy Lifestyle

The ideal style for today’s wellness kitchen is a space that is open, welcoming, and filled with natural light. Inside, you’ll find open shelves, filled with needed items but not cluttered in any way. There may be an indoor vegetable or herb garden or both. Because the design, the kitchen invites everyone in to join in the fun of meal prep. The kitchen offers ample storage for fresh produce and delivers the space required for make-ahead meal preparation, perfect for busy families. Organic scraps are easily added to the built-in counter compost area. Fresh herbs, growing beautifully in the kitchen are within easy as the meal is prepared.

The Benefits of Wellness Kitchen Design

Designing a wellness kitchen brings many benefits to your home. First and foremost, it invites friends and family in with its warmth and light and brings everyone together. Once inside, anyone can join in the meal prep and no one feels left out or crowded within. Since the kitchen provides storage for fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs, healthy choices are made simple, always within reach. If your kitchen is designed with vegetable and herb gardens inside, the air quality in your home will improve thanks to the thriving plants. Plus, the oxygen producing plants brings a sense of calm and happiness to your space.  The added meal prep space allows the whole family to get involved prepping healthy meals with ease whether for a few days or for a week. And finally, your wellness kitchen is eco-friendly, promoting healthy foods, suppressing the desire for pre-packed processed foods, and so reducing waste.

You have chosen to eat right and live healthy and now you can design your kitchen to match your healthy lifestyle and encourage your family’s overall wellness.

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