Is a Galley Kitchen Right for Your Home?

Is a Galley Kitchen Right for Your Home?

Galley kitchens, also known as inline kitchens, often bring thoughts of small spaces, with little room to move about and create culinary delights. You might even think, galley kitchens are out of style in the 21st century, but it simply isn’t true! Galley kitchens find their roots in the early 20th century, when they were found to be ideal for small, narrow ships – that’s right – ships. Why? Galley kitchens were the quintessential answer to functionality and efficiency aboard ship. The same is true of today’s galley kitchens, they are the ideal for space saving as well as functionality, efficiency, and style. Let’s explore why the timeless galley kitchen might be right for your home.

Galley Kitchens – Idyllic Style in Small Spaces

In the galley kitchen – cabinets, appliances, and fixtures are perfectly placed in a straight line making them the ultimate solution for those with small spaces. The inline setup works well in tight spaces, allowing you to use every inch of wall space, floor to ceiling. On top of that, in a galley kitchen, flow is unhindered. The important point in planning your galley kitchen is that you keep light at a maximum, utilizing glass and reflective surfaces to your advantage, and ensuring an airy and bright space for all your cooking adventures.

Galley Kitchens – Unhindered Flow

One the reasons galley kitchens caught on in the first place, was the fact that they are efficient. With every kitchen tool and gadget within reach, no move is wasted. You can navigate your kitchen with ease, minimizing the steps you take,  as you move freely, save time, and get the tasks at hand done in record time.

Galley Kitchens – Positive Seclusion

Some naysayers believe galley kitchens are simply too secluded, especially in the day and age of open concept everything.  And it is true, galley kitchens are secluded, but that doesn’t have to be a negative. After all, galley kitchens, tucked away in your home, also mean you can keep your messes out of the view of your guests. And the bonus, it also means you don’t have to keep the space pristine at all times, just in case someone drops by for a visit. If your galley is secluded, be sure to choose effective lighting, ensuring your room maintains a bright and cheerful personality.

Galley Kitchens – Open Concept

If the idea of a seclusion doesn’t appeal to your sensibilities, galley kitchens can also be open concept. Before you disagree, you can have an open concept galley kitchen complete with inline layout, by simple removing a wall or a partial wall. Doing so, connects your galley style kitchen to the rest of the house while maintaining your flow, function, and storage.

Galley Kitchens – Going Bold!

One thing homeowners miss when designing the style of the galley kitchen is the ability to go bold and bright with color. Often, the pervading thought process for small spaces is light, neutral tones, but in truth, you can go bold in your small galley kitchen, with vivid hues, which also add  personality and unique style. Make your galley kitchen a fun place to create by surrounding yourself with your favorite bold color choices.

Galley Kitchens – Made Exclusively for You!

Because galley kitchens are often small, you have the distinct opportunity to creating a bespoke space, perfectly suited to your needs. You can place the cabinets, countertops, and appliances in a way that works for you. For example, if you adore cooking, add more counterspace for prep, or if you do lots of entertaining, include more storage space and high end appliances in your design – you get the idea. Make the space uniquely yours, including luxury materials, if you please.

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