Granite with Dark Cabinets

Granite with Dark Cabinets

Knowing the kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where everyone gathers, makes choosing your kitchen’s style, comfort, and functionality all the more important. Cabinets and countertops are a big part of the kitchen’s overall look and style, which leaves many homeowners wondering what they should choose. If you love the rich, elegant look of dark cabinets, you may find yourself perplexed when it comes to selecting a granite countertop to complement your cabinetry. Here, the experts at Tops Kitchen Cabinet offer tips to choose the perfect granite for your luxurious dark cabinets.

Dark-colored cabinetry created a unique look, one that is cozy while still elegant. Offering a rich, luxury feel, dark cabinets need natural light and lighter elements to created contrast and complete the overall look of your space. It is important to select timeless cabinetry styles, especially when you want to go “dark” as trends continually change and you don’t want to date the kitchen as you remodel.

Whether you choose cherry or mahogany cabinets or opt for an attractive surface laminate, granite can be the perfect complement for your dark-colored cabinetry. As a strong, durable natural stone, granite offers a vast array of colors and patterns, more than any other natural stone. When pairing your cabinetry with granite, there are several factors to consider including:

  • The level of natural light in the kitchen
  • The color of your appliances
  • The color of your backsplash
  • The style/color/pattern of the flooring.

With these factors in mind, consider taking along a small cabinet door to compare alongside your favorite granite options. Remember, when you find the granite color and patter you feel is perfect for your kitchen, you’ll want to purchase the slab then and there as each stone is unique and no two slabs are ever the same. Now, let’s explore granite color options to complement your dark-hued cabinetry.

The Most Popular Color

The most popular color of granite chosen to complement kitchens with dark cabinetry is beige. As a neutral, beige granite and dark cabinetry can be beautifully paired with contrasting colors like green, blue, and red, throughout the space. Two popular options are India’s Colonial Cream and Italy’s African Beige. Colonial cream delivers with sand colored hues which pairs perfectly with the look of rich, deeply hued cabinets. African beige offers glimmering veins of gold with a variety of brown tones ranging from dark cocoa to creamy ivory.

Always in Style – White Granite

White granite is always in style, often paired with dark cabinetry as well as white. When coupled with dark cabinetry, white granite delivers a clean, contemporary style in your kitchen while remaining durable and long lasting. Keep in mind that white granite, a natural stone, is never pure white. In fact, white granite often offers a bluish hue (Vermont’s Bethel), gray tones (India’s Kashmir), or the look of white on white as in the ivory overtones of Italy and Brazil’s Bianco.

Going Bold and Bright – Yellow, Gold, and Red Granite

Yellow and gold granites promise to brighten a kitchen adorned with dark-toned cabinets. Calling on fine or coarse grains, with reflective veins of beige, bronze, or brown, yellow and gold granite enhance vivid accents in the kitchen. Among the yellow and gold granite, popular options include the purple, yellow, and beige tones of Yellow Icarai or the shimmering flecks of quartz with red and black veining of Brazil’s Giallo Imperial. For a bolder style, red granite countertops take dark cabinets to unique heights. Red granite boasts black, gray, burgundy, brown, and red overtones which glisten beautifully in the kitchen’s natural light. With a number of drama-laden red granite options, Imperial Red features rust and black patterns and is a popular choice

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