Gray Cabinets are the Most Popular – Here’s Why!

Gray Cabinets are the Most Popular – Here’s Why!

Right now, gray is the “in” color for kitchen cabinetry. Maybe it’s because gray offers a wide range of pleasing neutral tones which range from cool to warm and complements nearly every kitchen style and décor. If you are building or remodeling your kitchen, gray is the ideal choice on which to create your color palette and kitchen style. Gray goes well with brighter hues as well as other neutrals and offers the perfect backdrop for textures and unique designs. Gray painted cabinets continue to gain in popularity, threatening to overtake the ever-popular all-white cabinetry as well as the more traditional deep brown wood tones.

Gray is no longer thought of as boring and dull, because of the distinct pairings it welcomes with a multitude of colors and textures. Mixing and matching to develop amazing style can be easy, but should you feel you fall short in the creativity department, an interior designer or kitchen contractor can help you use gray effectively and beautifully. If gray is on your mind for your new kitchen, you may find yourself questioning the choice, especially since kitchens are historically done in colors considered bright or warm. Don’t get caught up in the psychology of it, gray pairs well with warm or cool colors and since gray cabinets are only one aspect of your kitchen design, opting for gray simply grounds your design whether you choose to go bold and bright or calm and cool in other areas of the space.

Once you have chosen the perfect gray tones for your cabinets, choosing the complementary colors for your kitchen will result in a timeless area you can enjoy for years to come. Consider all the ways, the gray cabinetry can showcase the remainder of your kitchen design choices – from countertops to flooring – your gray cabinets promise to share the limelight. Gray also creates atmosphere, and not just any atmosphere but one of chic, stylish luxury with a relaxed and calming mood. The color gray’s personality is described as balanced, intellectual, peaceful, calming, cool, and composed making it a great choice for kitchen cabinetry where it can project a warmth and serenity.

Choosing Your Perfect Gray

Gray comes in a plethora of variations, each representing its own charm and appeal. From the white influenced grays to blue and brown gray tones, you’ll want to test shades in your space to ensure your gray delivers the atmosphere you are hoping to present. In addition, remember lighting effects grays as well, so you’ll want to look at your gray selections in similar lighting to your new kitchen alongside your other choices – countertops, flooring, backsplashes, appliances, and wall color. 

Popular Options for Gray in the Kitchen

If you still aren’t sure if gray cabinets are right for you, consider these popular uses of gray as you decide. If you are a bit timid about going all in with gray, you might consider pairing gray lower cabinets with white uppers or contrast gray cabinets with white counters. On the other hand, if you are all-in on gray in your new kitchen, you might pair lighter gray cabinets with darker tile flooring or vice versa. Another beautiful color combination with grays is pale gray cabinetry with a dark gray island and wood flooring. Dark gray cabinetry also complements a deep brown island and marble countertops showcasing both hues. To lighten up a kitchen space, consider light gray cabinetry with white countertops and backsplash. And don’t forget if you enjoy the look of natural wood grain, gray stain allows you have both in your kitchen design.

Gray lends itself to so many styles, you can’t go wrong with your perfect gray in the kitchen, for a timeless balanced atmosphere.

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