Great Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Great Small Kitchen Design Ideas

While large kitchens are wonderful, not everyone has the space in their home for a massive kitchen. If you don’t, you might be wondering what your options are for your smaller space. After all, even with a small kitchen, you want function as well as aesthetics. Let’s explore some great small kitchen design ideas trending for 2020.

Wherever you live in America or elsewhere, small kitchens are common, particularly in apartments, townhomes, and condos. The following well-thought out ideas can help you solve your small kitchen issues and make cooking, meal prep, and evening dining a breeze. Focusing on color combination, space, geometry, and style solutions can deliver the functional and beautiful kitchen you desire.

Provence Style

Provence design features comfort and simplicity, rooted in the styles of homes surrounding the Mediterranean region of France. A timeless look, Provence style, while trendy, does not constantly change like the latest trends often do. The style of Provence features pastel hues, ideal for smaller spaces, accompanied by light floors, white accents with floral patterns, along with ceramic and cloth accoutrements. The light, airy, and simple look of Provence style is perfect for creating a graceful, functional small kitchen space that will never loose its charm.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary design with its sleek design and clean lines is always in style. Utilizing the latest smart technology, with solid lines, smooth surfaces, minimalist style, and monochromatic design, contemporary style promises to make the smallest of kitchens appear to double in size. With simple features and distinctive forms, contemporary design promises fully used areas with some decorative elements.

Modern Style

Often confused with contemporary style, modern design includes natural materials, and earthy neutrals. Modern design eliminates the unnecessary, and features the simple and unadorned. Modern style finds its roots in the early to mid-20th century  and includes variations known as midcentury modern and postmodern. Modern style is all about form and function, rejecting decorative details which are not practical. Uncluttered and simple, with straight lines and reflective surfaces, modern design is ideal for small kitchens.

Loft Style

Loft style continues to grow in popularity, and it can be the perfect solution in small spaces, including kitchens. In the kitchen, loft styling can maximize space, with open floor plans and few interior walls. Loft style allows homeowners to develop their own unique design. High vaulted ceilings, often used in loft style, along with open floor plans, can make smaller spaces appear expansive. Loft design can deliver light and airy spaces in which multifunctional furnishings allow you to define and make the most of your spaces.

Country Style

Small kitchens can deliver big style with natural materials. In a country style kitchen, it’s easy to make the most of design components from repurposed secondhand furnishings, wooden floors, and unique tiles. Because country style uses soft, muted tones, it works beautifully, expanding small spaces. Country design is understated with straight lines and very little ornamentation, which is perfectly suited to small kitchens.

High-Tech Style

In small kitchens, high-tech design can go a long way with its unique elements which include glass elements, mirrors, and smooth surfaces coupled with pops of white, black, navy, and gray. High-tech style finds its foundation in industrial design which features only functional elements and constructivism. The use of high-tech elements includes constructional elements, metal fasteners, industrial essentials like pipes, air ducts, trusses, and more.  The goal in high-tech style is function and simplicity, along with the use of technological innovation.

Avoiding Small Kitchen Mistakes

In small kitchens, making the most of your space is the key to function and beauty. Keep in mind when designing your space that less is often more. Don’t fall for the myth that bigger is always better. Smaller large appliances are the same quality as their massive counterparts. Open shelving, while a popular trend only works in small places when the pieces in view harmonize with the space. Keeping your space organized can never be underestimated in small kitchen design.

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