Guaranteeing ROI from Your Kitchen Remodel

Guaranteeing ROI from Your Kitchen Remodel

If you are planning a kitchen remodel, you probably already realize the costs are higher than any other area of your home. Kitchens of today are the heart of the home and a remodeling project is often intended to make the space more welcoming as well as more functional. The good news is a large part of your kitchen remodeling costs can deliver significant ROI (return on investment) in the future.  The National Association of Realtors® estimates the median cost in the United States for a kitchen remodel at $65,000 with more than 60 percent of the cost recovered when the home is sold. This information also makes your project not only a remodel but an investment in the future which promises great returns. Here are some tips to help you guarantee ROI from your kitchen remodel.

Plan Well

In truth, the planning stages of your kitchen remodel should take longer than the actual remodel. The better your plan, the less inconvenience you’ll experience during the project’s construction. Take your time as you plan, up to six months, to be sure you like the plan and design. The result is minimal to no change orders which tend to increase the costs and reduce ROI. So, just how can you plan well? Here’s how:

Start with a long, hard look at your current kitchen. Create a drawing and measure heights, widths, and depths of doorways, walkways, counters, etc. Consider existing traffic patterns and how they can be improved with the remodel. Plan with accessibility in mind – drawers, pull out shelves, appropriate counter heights, etc. can make a big difference in functionality. Choose all your materials, including fixtures before you begin. Plan for the unexpected – there is nearly always a contingency. Get professional design help to simplify your remodel.

Details are Important

As you consider appliances (the big details) chose those which fit your cooking needs and lifestyle. Do you really need an oversized luxury refrigerator or a six-burner commercial range with grill feature? If not, choose your appliances from trusted brands which deliver styles and function to your space.

If your kitchen footprint is functional, keep it. Moving appliances and electrical outlets, plumbing and water fixtures, and walls can drive up costs and bust your budget quickly.  Keep in mind, when staying with your original footprint, there are still ways to add much needed storage. Add new cabinets all the way to the ceiling which provide the ideal storage space for seasonal and holiday items. Next, you can also add additional shelving units on empty walls and inside cabinets, use a ceiling mounted rack for pots and skillets, and utilize hooks on pantry doors for brooms, mops, and more.

Lighting is important to aesthetics as well as safe and efficient functionality. Choose your lighting wisely, including both task and ambient lighting to enhance your kitchen. Task lighting includes under cabinet lighting, pendant lighting, and recessed lighting in all the work areas which need it most. Ambient lighting, like flush mounted ceiling lights, wall sconces, and track lighting add an extra measure of control and mood.

Quality Counts

Aesthetics, function, and durability are the priorities of your kitchen remodel, so you’ll want to chose quality materials and fixtures for your space. Remember a bargain isn’t a bargain if it doesn’t last, instead choose high quality produces which provide low maintenance and long warranties.

Communicate with Your Project Manager

Communication is key to getting your project completed on time and in budget, so establish good communication from the start. Don’t hesitate to drop in during working hours, open lines of communication with your project manager and team leaders, be clear about acceptable behavior on your property, and above all, be kind with timely praise.

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