Guide To Selecting Bathroom Cabinets

Guide To Selecting Bathroom Cabinets

Building a bathroom is about striking a balance between form and function. Well-thought-out bathrooms can look visually appealing and feel luxurious and pleasing to use. But when they are built with little to no planning or without any visual aesthetic in mind, they can seem messier and less enticing. 

You want your bathroom to be inviting so you must nail the design and functionality of your bathroom, including one of the most important elements – your cabinets. They provide storage space for everything that you will use every day while being a means to keep your bathroom looking neat and orderly. If you are unsure of how to select the right cabinets for your bathroom, here is a guide to give you some ideas to get started. 

What Is Your Budget 

Before all other considerations, you first need to determine how much money you are able or willing to spend on cabinets. Once you have taken your finances into account and know your limits, you can begin looking for an ideal design based on your aesthetic preferences and the layout of your bathroom. Depending on your budget, you may be limited to certain designs and styles, so it is always important to figure this out before you start looking for a cabinet design you like. 

Measure Your Dimensions

Before you begin planning the layout of your bathroom and which cabinets you will use, and where they will go, you need to measure the room and get its dimensions. Make sure you include the placement of any mirrors and doors, as well as any other elements such as electrical or water fixtures, to give yourself the best picture of how much space you have to work with and what size cabinets you can place within the space. 

Determine Your Placement 

Something that can hold bathrooms back is poor cabinet placement. Smaller bathrooms with well-thought-out cabinet placement can feel open and airy, while larger bathrooms with poor placement can feel cramped and tight, so you must make sure your cabinets make good use of the available space to provide the best look and feel. 

Although you are limited by the actual square footage available in your bathroom, it is still up to you how you optimize what space you have. For example, in cramped spaces, using wall-mounted cabinets can provide more floor space, giving the illusion of a larger room. 

Meet Your Storage Needs 

Everyone has different needs when it comes to storage. Some people prefer a minimalist setup, while others need shelving and drawers for all sorts of things, which is why there are a variety of options you can have depending on your personal needs and wants. If you prefer an uncluttered look, going with floating cabinets can provide a clean aesthetic without sacrificing storage capacity. The bottom line is that you can get creative with your stylistic choices without losing functionality, but be sure that style doesn’t trump storage space entirely. 

Choose Your Finish 

Once you have determined the layout of your bathroom and the type of cabinets you want to opt for, the next step is picking the finish of your cabinets. The cabinetry will have to withstand years of wear, water, heat, and moisture that will affect the cabinets over time, so you must strike a balance between durability and visual appeal. 

Laminate finishes offer the best stain and water resistance, which is essential in a bathroom, while you should avoid wood veneers since they are more susceptible to moisture and stains. Additionally, a matte finish will help reduce the prominence of scratches and smudges that might otherwise be more noticeable on a glossy finish. 

Pick The Right Cabinets 

Picking the right cabinets is about making good use of what space you have and choosing an appropriate style. Tops Kitchen Cabinet specializes in kitchen design and cabinetry, and we can help you pick out the best designs for your bathroom and home. Contact us today to learn more about the latest design trends and features in the world of cabinetry. 


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