How to Brighten Your Kitchen

How to Brighten Your Kitchen

If you are looking to create a bright, welcoming space in your home, the best place to start is in your kitchen. Not only is the kitchen one of the rooms in the house we spend the most time in, but it is also a main focal point as well as a key hosting spot in most of our homes. In addition to this, the kitchen is the spot in our home that has some of the most dangerous items such as kitchen knives, hot surfaces, and fire. Therefore, you may want to create a bright space as opposed to a dangerously dark cave. In this article, we will go over the top 5 tips on how to brighten your kitchen and add some life into your space.

Playing with Your Lighting Options

Although this may seem like we are pointing out the obvious, we are not just simply referring to adding new light fixtures or moving around current pieces. When it comes to playing with the lighting in your kitchen, as well as throughout your entire home, you may want to consider natural lighting. While adding a new chandelier or overhead lighting fixture is always a plus, consider how much natural light you get from the windows in your kitchen. For some people, this may simply mean opening the blinds every so often, for others, this can mean creating an entirely new layout in order to best use the natural lighting in their home to brighten the kitchen space.

Ditch the Dark Wood

Instead of keeping that dark brown wood that came with your kitchen cabinets, consider painting them a lighter color. Most people decide to repaint their kitchen cabinets white; while this is always a classic way to brighten up a space as well as create an elegant, minimalistic look, do not be afraid to go out all out. This could mean painting your kitchen cabinets green or maybe even yellow. Anything then that dull, dark brown that is simply outdated.

Add a Bright Backsplash

Not only do backsplashes add their own elegant touch to a kitchen, but they are also a simple add-on that can always be used. In fact, if you are not looking to completely re-do your kitchen, adding a backsplash may just be all you need to brighten up your current kitchen space.

Consider Adding a Mirror

You may be thinking, a mirror in the kitchen? Yes! A mirror in the kitchen. Why? Not only does adding a mirror in your kitchen create an illusion of more space, but it is also another simple yet effective way to brighten a space. In addition to this, gold mirrors are one of the biggest trends in home décor at this time, therefore, you should consider hopping on board.

Do Not Be Afraid to Create Contrast

Adding a little bit of contrast into your kitchen is a classic way to brighten up a space. This could be done with an accent wall, a backsplash – as previously mentioned – or even your island. If you do not already have an island in your kitchen, this may be your sign to add one. When you do, consider painting this island different color than your kitchen cabinets to add that bright accent piece and tie your entire kitchen together.

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