How To Choose The Best Countertops For Your Kitchen

Beautiful Kitchen Detail in Luxury Home.The best countertops for your kitchen and for your lifestyle will vary depending on durability, maintenance, cost and style. The countertops you select will make a big impression on your overall kitchen. Your countertops need to work for your lifestyle, which is why the worst thing you can do is pick out countertops based solely on looks.

Here are 7 questions to ask yourself that will help guide you in the right direction and find the best countertops for your kitchen. 

1. What Does A Day In Your Kitchen Look Like?

If your kitchen is used by you and only you it’s easier to get away with white marble than if you have a couple of kids that sloppily make sandwiches, cereal and other snacks all day long. Who goes in your kitchen and uses it throughout the day, and more importantly, are they clean or messy? Certain colors will help hide smudges and spills until you have the chance to clean them up, while others will leave the mess in full view.

Certain countertops (like tile with grout) are far more prone to stains, which are dangerous if anyone is cooking nearby, let alone kids. Even the neatest chef is bound to spill a thing or two and if grout is too tricky to clean it will become spotted in stains before long.

2. How Much Is Your Budget For Kitchen Countertops?

A kitchen remodel can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Cabinets take up the vast majority of the budget, but countertops are another large purchase that can make or break the bank. Countertop materials are offered in vast assortments, as well as price points.

The cheapest option for countertops is laminate but granite remains the most popular option for kitchen countertops because it comes in such wide variety and is built to last practically forever. Granite has something to suit every style with shades of black, coral, green, blue, white and more. Regardless if you’re single or have a family of 5 kids, granite makes a suitable, beautiful and durable option.

The cost of granite can be far more affordable when purchased wholesale from a licensed retailer. If you have a larger budget and no kids to worry about there are softer stones available such as marble, soapstone or limestone.  While these pricey materials are beautiful they require more care and delicate usage.

The best countertops for your kitchen will change depending on your budget, as well as what you are looking to get out of them. (reference)

3. Are You Looking For Something More Out Of The Box Than Granite?

Granite has gained its popularity through beauty and strength, as it is able to stand up to EVERYTHING that goes down, or up, in your kitchen. That being said, there are other countertop materials that have gained popularity recently, and although they are not going to make your life as easy as granite they do look nice and offer some perks of their own. Some unique countertop materials you may want to consider include wood, steel, marble, or concrete. (reference)

4. Are You Willing To Mix And Match?

Traditional kitchens rely on countertops that are all made from the same materials and colors. More modern or eclectic kitchens are getting funkier with choices by mixing and matching countertop surfaces. You can dabble with multiple shades of granite or different materials all together, either way it’s a riskier look for those looking to shake the boat.

5. How Important Is Eco-Friendly?

More and more options regarding recycled countertops and other green materials are cropping up for kitchen remodels. If going green is important to you this may be something you want to look into. If granite is your number one choice but you like to think of yourself as earth-friendly, know that granite is so durable and long lasting that it can be considered green in the sense it doesn’t require replacement for ages.

6. Do You Want Fancy Countertop Corners?

Most standard countertops come with square edges but there is the option to get more decorative with countertop corner design. Bullnose, bevel, ogee, egg and radius are several forms of shaped countertop edges you can pick from. This customization will cost extra so make sure to factor this into the budget from the get-go if it’s something you want. This is not a common element to add but it can make a kitchen look uniquely high-end.

7. How Big Is Your Surface Area?

Before you even start thinking about countertop materials you need to measure the surface area you are working with. Countertops are sold by size so in order to estimate how much a certain material will cost you need to know how much of it you need.  If you have less surface area to fill you are going to spend less, and therefore you may be able to afford something you originally assumed out of the budget.

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