How to Make Your Kitchen More Open

How to Make Your Kitchen More Open

Do you want to turn your kitchen from a dark and confined space to a sun-filled masterpiece and assembly area? Well, an open-plan kitchen is the best design to work with. It comes with many advantages, such as accessibility, a brighter room, and adds an illusion of a larger space. But how do you make this possible? Here are the tips:

Remove the Upper Cabinet on a Peninsula

If you love living in a Victorian-era house, chances are, your kitchen has a peninsula and upper cabinet. While these were practical in separating the kitchen from the dining area, it’s time to remove them. For starters, you can open up the kitchen by eliminating the upper cabinet to enhance the line of sight. As a result, the space will appear bigger. 

Alternatively, you can remove the peninsula as well to create an even bigger space. To avoid sacrificing the storage space, consider creating an island in the kitchen. To brighten the area further, consider a bright granite top for the island. It’s practical and also helpful in reflecting the natural light through the kitchen. 

Eliminate the Dividing Wall

This is the easiest means of making your kitchen more open with less effort. It creates an open space right away because it unites partitioned rooms creating a larger space. But even so, you should not rush into demolishing these walls. 

Oftentimes, you should consult a contractor first to help you determine if it’s a load-bearing wall. If it’s a free-standing wall, you can go ahead and demolish it. However, if it’s a load-bearing wall, then you should consider other options. Demolishing such a wall will bring down the entire roof. 

Also, it’s important to check whether wiring or plumbing passes through the dividing wall. If they are the only factors on the way, consider diverting them to create that space. 

Enhance Entry of Natural Light Into the Space

Enhanced entry of natural light creates an illusion that the room is larger. Therefore, if removing the wall partition is impossible, then consider this option. Brighten the entire kitchen by swapping the smaller kitchen window with a larger one. 

Remove Soffit

Are there soffits in your kitchen? Well, organize a way to reduce its size or get rid of it entirely. By removing the soffit, the kitchen ceiling will appear higher and bigger than it is. And that’s the effect you need when making your kitchen more open. In case the soffits are not concealing plumbing or electric cable, remove them entirely. Thereafter, raise the kitchen cabinet to the ceiling level.  

Use Lighter Paint

Dark colors are known to make a room appear smaller. And since your target is a more open and larger space, use brighter colors instead. In addition, you can also use a lighter ton on the kitchen furniture further to enhance the open look.  

Use Glassdoor Kitchen Cabinet 

Sacrificing some of the cabinets for an open kitchen is not a bad idea. However, if space is of the essence, then consider using glass cabinet doors. It’s the better alternative for those who can’t afford to lose any more storage space. Wondering where to get them? To see options that Top Kitchen Cabinet has on offer, contact them today. Using the glass door cabinets creates a feeling of an open kitchen. 

Final Take 

Need professional assistance on how to make your Kitchen more open? Well, contact Tops Kitchen Cabinet for consultation. Through their wholesale services of Granite and Kitchen cabinets, you can source affordable products to use in your kitchen. Lastly, they also have stunning accessories such as sinks and kitchen faucets. Using these, you can brighten the kitchen further. 


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