Is It Time for a Kitchen Remodel?

Is It Time for a Kitchen Remodel?

A lot of homeowners determine when the best time to remodel is based on whether the cabinets are worn, the appliances are dated, or the countertops are cracked. But there are plenty of other reasons why a kitchen needs to be remodeled. Before remodeling your kitchen, a checklist of minor and major problems may be necessary. Keep notes of those features you like and dislike the most, so when the time comes for remodeling, you will know what suits your needs, style, and taste. Tops Kitchen Cabinets suggest the following considerations to assist you to evaluate the condition of your kitchen and decide if it is the right time for a remodel.

1. Adequate Space

Are you content with the amount of floor, counter, and cabinet space in your kitchen? The shape of your counter or the position of your fridge may be taking up a lot of working space. When you replace the countertop or change the shape of the kitchen remember that 158 inches of the countertop frontal, 24 inches deep with about 15 inches of clearance above, is required to acclimate all uses, including working area, preparation, and storage.

2. Traffic Flow

If there is more than one cook in your house, it is good to consider making more room around the main working space. If you enjoy entertaining, especially during the holiday season, you may want an open-plan kitchen. This allows for more interactions between the kitchen and the other rooms.

3. Children

Depending on whether you have kids, and their age, your kitchen may need remodeling. The design of your kitchen and outdated appliances can be dangerous for young kids. If you are planning on expanding your family, consider making more room to cook larger meals. It is also good to lower the cabinets for easier access to children’s food. Countertops with sharp corners should be avoided if kids are around.

4. Efficiency

When appliances are outdated, they may cost you more money than you realize. More advanced technology in dishwashing machines, disposals, and refrigerators could save you a considerable amount of money and they may be worth the investment. For instance, purchasing a dishwasher with a delay timer, economy cycle, or half-load button and low energy consumption will save both money and water.

5. Universal Design

Is your kitchen accessible to persons with disabilities? As you get older, will you be able to use your kitchen safely? Considering such factors is important in kitchen remodeling. Application of universal-design techniques in a remodel will help make sure that the space is easily accessible to or usable by everyone, regardless of physical ability, size, or age, without needing adaptation or specially designed later on.

6. Location

If you considering adding a deck on the back of your house, incorporating a door in your kitchen layout will be a good convenience for entertaining outdoors. You may also want to consider rearranging the position of windows to allow more or less sunlight. Or maybe you want to watch the kids play in the yard. It is good to keep in mind that the clear opening of a doorway should at least be 32 inches wide. This requires a door that is at least 34 inches wide. Beware that a cooking surface shouldn’t be located under an operable window.

When you decide it is time to remodel your kitchen, reach out to our experts from Tops Kitchen Cabinet. They always assist homeowners to understand the requirements for remodeling their dream kitchen. Let Tops Kitchen Cabinet help design and remodel the kitchen you deserve. For more information, reach out to Tops Kitchen Cabinet.

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