Is the Farmhouse Kitchen Going Out of Style?

Is the Farmhouse Kitchen Going Out of Style?

The era of the farmhouse kitchen, beloved Shaker cabinetry, apron sinks, shiplap, industrial lighting, and reclaimed wood, has reigned supreme for some time now which begs the question, could it be going out of style? Today’s farmhouse kitchen is a modern version of classic Americana, a blend of industrial chic, rustic charm, and clean lines, made famous by HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” featuring Chip and Joanna Gaines. While the show is gone, the style it made famous is here to stay. And why not, after all the combination is nothing short of timeless beauty, much like the Shaker cabinetry the trend embraces. The featured colors of farmhouse style – white, black, and wood – are more popular than ever and for good reason. The look is stylish and fresh, while offering up an ambiance of warmth and coziness. It conjures up images of family, a feeling of connection – to one another and to nature and the land.

Creating Your Modern Farmhouse Design Wisely

If you want to create your own modern farmhouse kitchen, you’ll likely choose brass or nickel finishes, black trim work, with the anchor of Shaker cabinetry. As you choose, it is important to remember that while farmhouse style is aesthetically pleasing, it isn’t perfect for every style of architecture. When making your kitchen design selections, with a nod toward farmhouse, consider what you love about the style – whether it be the clean lines of Shaker cabinetry or the contrast of white and wood. Let’s explore more.

Shaker cabinetry offers function, pure and simple, a frame and panel composition offering up varied design with style.  Most often designed in maple, birch, or chestnut, high quality wood is required to deliver the clean, fresh Shaker style of the original artisans. Whether you choose the classic square edges or the more modern beveled style, your selected color and finish will set the tone around which your farmhouse kitchen design will be created. Choose polyurethane for classic Shaker style or a matte finish to highlight your selected wood’s natural grain, streaks, and knots. Add a painted finish for a more modern look or a distressed finish to deliver rustic warmth.

With the cabinets chosen for your farmhouse kitchen, you can move on to the countertops, as well as a myriad of accoutrements which allow you to express your personal kitchen style. Whether you want to D-I-Y your design by refinishing an old dining room buffet or adding burlap touches, the choices are endless. Where did those old wooden crates go that used to be in the back corner of the basement? Vintage crates, wooden barrels, and more, once tossed out as clutter are now a coveted part of modern farmhouse design.

The challenge with farmhouse style is finding the balance between homey and warm, while avoiding cheesy and kitschy. While the farmhouse trend is here to stay, like many trends it is beginning to evolve into something fresh and new. Color in the kitchen is coming on trend once more, and the farmhouse is becoming less Americana and more global, reflecting farm life and style from around the world. Wallpaper is making a return to the home, even in kitchens, which brings more change. Industrial aspects of the farmhouse design are also assuming a bigger role, competing with reclaimed wood for center stage.

Warm woods, rustic charm, and industrial elements will remain, though they may become more layered with international influences and an evolving color palette.  As the style  advances, new alternatives to classic elements will rise offering new ways to create texture and warmth, while resonating with the spirit of fresh, clean function and style.

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