Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

There are a number of new trends in kitchen cabinetry. From revamps finishes to bold pops of color, there is something for everyone, no matter your kitchen style. If you find think its time to revamp your kitchen cabinets, here are some ideas to inspire.

Deep Jewel Hues – Traditional jewel tones while deep and rich offer a timeless trend that is gaining popularity. From emerald’s deep green to sapphire’s rich blue to amethyst’s inherent violet, jewel hues offer a sophisticated color palette for today’s modern kitchen that is at once luxurious and on trend.

Timelessly Blue – If a deep purple or rich green seem a bit too bold for your kitchen style, consider adding the calming cool of blue for a timeless look. Blues offer abundant options from the crystal blue of the sea, to the turquoise of the earth, as well as dusky blue hues, and deep shades of indigo, and shimmering cobalt. And with blue you can go with a little or a lot and still fall in love with your new cabinet look.

Glossy and Dark – While metal countertops are versatile and popular choices for your kitchen, you can also get a shimmering sheen from high gloss lacquered cabinets. The high sheen beauties are most popular in deep dark tones including grays and blacks.

Gray and Black – Always Classic – Gray is a popular new neutral, second only to traditional white in the kitchen. From rich, soft gray tones to trending gray beiges, and deep charcoal hues, grays complement nearly every wood finish beautifully. Grays also make your kitchen light and welcoming to friends and family.

Black is always bold and sophisticated, particularly when paired with classic white. And black and white together is timeless, and yet offers modern appeal when featured in today’s two-tone kitchen style. Consider a single wall of black cabinets or black lowers and white uppers for a chic fashion forward kitchen.

Two-tone Kitchen Style – While you’ve likely seen two-tone kitchen style which feature uppers and lowers of different hues on design shows and websites, you may not have seen the latest trend in two-tone kitchen style which offers wood doors or drawers on painted cabinets. This unique look delivers a dose of personality and let’s those who don’t have the time or budget for complete remodel the opportunity to add some style to their kitchen space. If your cabinets are wood, you can do the reverse, painting the doors and door fronts with the latest kitchen color trends.

Embossed Patterns – Front and Center – While some would lean toward the simplicity of flat-front drawers and doors, embossed patterns are shaking up the world of kitchen cabinets with texture, style, and flair. From linear to geometrics, embossed cabinet doors really shine when finished with high gloss hues.

Mesh Inserts Join Glass Doors and Open Shelves – Mesh Inserts on cabinet doors offer a more private version of glass door cabinets, allowing you to camouflage what’s inside while still giving a lighter and more open airiness. Mesh inserts also offer homeowners a chance to be artsy and sophisticated in a style that works in nearly every kitchen design from modern to transitional to charming.  

Letting Metallics Shine – It’s probable that mesh inserts helped this emerging trend of metal door and drawer fronts. If you love modern European flair or industrial style, stainless steel doors and drawer fronts may be the ideal kitchen trend for you. For those who aren’t fans of stainless steel, there are a number of foil finishes from which to choose, gold, brass, bronze, copper in matte or shimmering glossy varieties.

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