Kitchen Colors – How to Choose Yours

Kitchen Colors – How to Choose Yours

With so many paint colors to choose from, it’s often time consuming and challenging to make the right choice for your kitchen. After all, it is a color you will likely live with for a while. In the kitchen, which in today’s homes often doubles as entertaining and dining space, you’ll want to choose a color that you love, but also one that makes your kitchen warm and inviting. Let’s explore the top colors trending for kitchens right now.


Since the kitchen is where the day truly begins, classic white brings the energy need to start the morning right. Fresh and clean, white allows you to add bright pops of color to your design – think backsplash and countertops –  without overwhelming the room. Of course, a black and white color scheme is nearly always in style, even though kitchen styles may change over time. Consider white cabinets with black granite countertops or white upper cabinets and black lowers for a fresh, modern look.


Red is a timeless warm hue, available in a multitude of shades which never go out of style. Adding a bold warmth to your kitchen, red really shines whether you use it on the walls or on the cabinets. Afraid your red will overtake the room, making it feel too dark? Never fear, if red walls sound a bit much for your style, though you love the hue, why not try a red toned tile backsplash or bright red cabinets toned down a bit with neutral countertops.


Gray is the “new white.” Actually, gray has been growing in popularity for kitchens in new homes and kitchen remodels for quite some time, and is poised to overtake white as the top color in kitchens soon. In the past, gray was considered “too cold” for the kitchen, but today’s modern grays bring an unexpected warmth and calm to the space. Not only for walls, gray cabinets and countertops are quite popular. In addition, gray pairs well with richly stained wood, navy blue, pumpkin orange, red-raspberry, and bright yellow.


Blue, like gray, has in the past been shunned for use in the kitchen, but lighter blues actually create a crisp, fresh look on cabinets, walls, and even ceilings especially when paired with white or wood accents (also great in the delivery of a beachy kitchen vibe). Dark blues, like navy, also work well in kitchens adding a striking, sophisticated feel when used on islands, cabinets, or backsplashes and coupled with grays, whites, and the ever-popular stainless steel.


Yellow, the color of happiness and energy is an ideal choice to brighten up your kitchen. Yellow soothes while it energizes, like the light from the sun and can make smaller kitchens feel expansive and bright. Yellow is a great choice for walls and backsplashes when paired with whites and grays. If you are trying to decide if yellow is the right choice for you, you might try it inside your cabinets – a rising trend.


Green, so calming and earthy in all its tones, from soft mint to bright apple green and deep emerald green bring a fresh, organic feel that works well with wood and white. Try green as a wall color paired with white countertops or cabinets. Also, a great choice as an island accent or a striking backsplash, green brings the soothing outdoor vibe into your kitchen.

Your kitchen is likely the busiest room in your home, so design and color is important to brighten up the space, while creating a warm, welcoming area for friends and family.

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