Low Budget Kitchen Remodeling ideas

Low Budget Kitchen Remodeling ideas

It’s the basic elements of your kitchen that give it character. Such as the lighting, the colors, the wall décor. In other words, some of the most affordable parts of your kitchen can make big changes. Switching out low-cost fixtures for something new is a way to improve the look of your kitchen on a low budget. You deserve it, after all you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and so it should be a space that you thoroughly enjoy. Here are the best tips for sprucing up your kitchen cabinets and more on a tight budget!

Spruce Up Kitchen Cabinets On A Budget With These 4 Tips

Your kitchen cabinets are the main focal point of your kitchen. They take up the majority of the wall space and really set the tone for the rest of the room. Therefore, when renovating on a budget it’s important to address the cabinets.

Do your cabinets have stains, or chips? Do they close properly? Do they still have the same surface coloring they had when brand new? Is there enough room to store everything? All of these questions are important to ask. By identifying problem areas you can utilize a few small changes and breathe fresh air into your kitchen.

4 great ways to upgrade kitchen cabinets on a budget:

1. Add functional storage such as a pull out shelf for your pots and pans, lids, etc. If you have ever dug into the back of your cabinets before, it’s easy to understand how cooking utensils get misplaced, forgotten about, and clouded in dust, tucked far in the back of your cabinets. This scenario never happens again if you install pull out cabinet drawers.

2. Paint cabinets, this is a great option if your kitchen feels dark or closed off. Adding a bright shade of paint to your cabinets will change the whole feel of your kitchen. Plus, it can be a great way to help hide old stains or worn spots.

3. Add new brass knobs to your cabinets, or any type of hardware. Buying new hardware is less expensive than switching out the cabinets completely, although it does add a new touch of style. Every so often hardware should be changed out, or at least deep cleaned. Cabinet knobs and hardware are exposed to cooking oils, and many other impurities that over time stain and cling to the handle surface.

4. Add stackable shelves, and stop stacking your things in kitchen cabinets so that they are hard to access and disorganized. Stackable shelves are 100% affordable and offered for sale at your local discount store. By adding these freestanding shelves to your cabinets you can more easily access your cooking materials. Never again will you have to pick up the entire stack of small plates in order to take out one large plate. This handy trick gives you more cabinet space without any renovations.

8 Tips: How To Remodel Your Kitchen On A Budget

A kitchen is made up of more than just cabinets, you’ve got the counter tops, wine bar, sink station, and the list goes on. In order to spruce up your kitchen you need to take all things into account. Which aspects need the most improvements? Start with your kitchen’s biggest problem areas and then work down from there. As you go along, consult the following low-budget ideas for upgrading your kitchen in big ways.

1. Add Hooks

Think: how can I make my life in the kitchen easier? For starters you can install hooks onto the sides of your island, or other flat surfaces. Everything from aprons to dishtowels will suddenly have a convenient place to hang out. These knobs are especially useful when placed near a kitchen sink.

2. Add Affordable Knick Knacks

Take an afternoon to score through discount stores like Home Goods or TJ Max for affordable knick-knacks that will add style to your home. A new piece of wall art or shelving display can be purchased for one-low price and easily added to the kitchen décor back home (Read More).

3. Mix And Match Knobs On Accent Furniture

Add fun knobs to certain pieces of kitchen furniture, mixing and matching gives off an eclectic feel sure to spark conversation.

 4. Paint Never Fails To Brighten A Space

Paint your walls a bright, retro color. Or, simply paint them all white. By changing the color of your kitchen walls you will give your kitchen an entirely new feel—very much like painting kitchen cabinets.

 5. Functional Accessories: A Pot Rack

Install a pot rack; this is a fresh way to add new cabinet space, and also to free up clutter. Especially if you have an overflow of pans that hang out in the sink or on the stovetop, simply because there’s no other space for them.

6. Create A Stunning Backsplash

Use a small amount of high-end tiles or other materials to create a standout backsplash somewhere in your kitchen. Backsplashes are often added behind the stovetop, but get creative and go with whatever works for the layout of your kitchen.

7. Add Tinted Grout

If you have tiles with mortar between them, this can be frustrating as the grout often ends up dirty and is hard to clean. As a solution, you can use colored pigment mortar to fill in the grout and create a dark, modern look that won’t stain as easy.

8. Goodbye Old Lighting, Hello New!

Change out old lighting fixtures for hanging lights, which come in a wide variety of styles. Hung over a center island, or kitchen table, hanging lights add new style to your décor without breaking the bank. You can also add lighting fixtures beneath your cabinets to highlight backdrop tile work, shiny granite countertops, or other intricate details you love most about your kitchen.

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