Making the Most of Your Small Kitchen

Making the Most of Your Small Kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, there are times when you probably experience frustration or anxiety because of its size. After all, the kitchen tends to be the hub of any home, whether you live alone or share your space with family or friends.  If you feel the crunch of too little storage or the lack of space to have a friend hang out with you while you cook, there are ways to take advantage of your little kitchen space. These tips and a little creativity will help you make the most out of even the most cramped kitchen spaces.

Your Small Kitchen Can Be Great

If you really weigh the pros and cons, having a smaller kitchen can be great. Before you disagree, think about it. A small kitchen can offer an extra measure of manageability, make food preparation more efficient and productive, and even enhance your eating habits and save you money. With a smaller space, organization becomes a priority, meaning there is no wasted space. Small kitchens don’t have room for bulk buys that often go bad before you can use them, thereby wasting food and money. Now that you have identified your small kitchen as a great space, let’s see that every nook and cranny does its best for you.

Making Your Small Kitchen Work Advantageously

When you have a small kitchen, making the most of storage space is crucial for making the most of your space. And while horizontally-speaking, space may be limited, vertical space and open storage offers a world of opportunity. The tops of your cabinets make for great storage solutions and can even enhance your décor when clean containers showcase what’s inside. Another helpful and trendy choice is the removal of bulky cabinetry above and the addition of open shelving. The new shelving provides a more open feel to your small space while delivering the same amount of storage or maybe even more. Hanging pots, pans, utensils, and wire baskets (for storage) on a peg board wall set-up or from a decorative tension rod frees up much need cabinet, drawer, or shelf space. On the plus side, hanging often used items like these keeps them within easy reach when prepping and cooking happens.

Moveable Islands, Carts, and More

If your kitchen is moderately small, and not totally tiny, modular pieces can help keep your space flexible and functional while offering even more storage and preparation space.  A modular island, a bar cart, or other wheeled-piece gives you additional space, but can also be moved out of the way as needed. Every kitchen, no matter its size, needs flexibility, functionality, and efficiency, making wheeled islands, carts, and even tables a great option. With these moveable pieces, if you need more kitchen space when guests are being entertained, all you need do is unlock the wheels and move them elsewhere!

Lighting Can Help You Open Up a Small Kitchen Space

Your first inclination might be that in a small space, less lighting is needed, but the reverse is true. A small kitchen with a single light fixture will feel cramped and dark. Add functional lighting underneath cabinets and shelving, decorative lighting over islands or prep stations, and recessed lighting overhead to make your small kitchen feel open, airy, and spacious.

The Benefits of a Small Kitchen

You already know your small kitchen has its advantages, though at times you might be frustrated by the space. Avoid frustration and apply these helpful tips to maximize the space and take advantage of the benefits of your small kitchen.

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