Maximize Your Kitchen Storage

Maximize Your Kitchen Storage

No matter how small or large your kitchen is, at some point in time, you have probably lamented the lack of storage space. In the kitchen, where real estate is a premium, you have to make every inch count so you prepare meals without stress and aggravation. Here are some great ideas, large and small, to help you maximize your kitchen’s storage potential.

In the Corner

Corner cabinets are often the most awkward, with lots of space but very little ease of access. Adding a Lazy Susan turns that virtually unusable space into amazing storage. Modern technology allows Lazy Susan’s to become even more of a workhorse; by opening the door the carousel moves the shelves to the size so everything inside is in easy reach. If your upper corner cabinets won’t allow for a Lazy Susan, consider adding hinged doors to make the space accessible and therefore, usable.

Enter the Appliance Garage

Situated conveniently on the countertop, the Appliance Garage hides toasters, coffee makers and more – those small appliances you used on a daily basis, but don’t want to clutter up your counterspace. Some of the on-counter garages open with a roll-up door while others open exactly like your cabinets.

Divided Drawers

Drawers can quickly meld into a tangled mass without proper organization. And those drawers with sharp kitchen tools and knives need to be protected from causing harm to fingers and hands. Drawer dividers are the perfect solution for organizing your kitchen utensils; you can add your own organizers if budget is a concern or order built-in dividers during your next kitchen remodel. Two-tier cutlery draws are the perfect solution to keep knives from causing accidental harm; knives are placed underneath and a sliding compartment stacks on top and provides more storage.

Deep and Wide

Deep drawers are a great place to store pots and pans. Perfect placement of these drawers is right beside your stove, and though they may be limited in size, their depth gives you the usefulness you need in the kitchen. A slotted rack can be added above to keep lids organized just like your pots and pans. Another great option is full extension drawers, those that slide completely open allowing you to easily reach inside and get exactly what you need. Full extension hardware can be added during your next kitchen upgrade.


Racks are a great option for your kitchen especially if there is no more drawer space to be had! Completely stylish and on trend, pot racks allow you a great measure of flair and function with your shiny metal pots and pans hanging strategically. Utensil racks are also a great addition that can easily hand beneath a cabinet. Add your assortment of most-used kitchen tools in an artsy way to personalize your kitchen’s look.

The Tray Storage Cabinet

Nearly everyone can think of a time when they pulled out the drawer beneath the oven and tried to find the cookie sheet or baking rack only to awaken the whole neighborhood with the banging of pans because the one you wanted was, where else, on the bottom! Well, never again, with the tray storage cabinet, you can hand your racks, cookie sheets, cutting boards, and pizza pans in the vertical dividers. When you pull out the tray storage drawer, you can see everything at once, making finding the pan you wanted easy.

As you can easily see, these tips to maximize kitchen storage offer options for nearly everyone’s budget, including your own. Today is the day to begin maximizing your kitchen storage.

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