Must Have Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Must Have Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

The year 2022 promises to bring hot new trends to kitchen remodeling.  As you prepare to update your kitchen, 2022 trends deliver uniquely personalized spaces including bold colors and  interesting features in flexible and functional kitchen spaces. The kitchen remains the heart of the home and 2022s’ kitchen trends will continue to make it an inspiring and inviting gathering place. Here, the professionals at Tops Kitchen share the must-have kitchen remodeling ideas for 2022.  

Going Dark

Rich woods like mahogany or walnut never go out of style, and the latest kitchen trends give a nod to the classics with darker stains for an affordable wood finish. Dark woods with brass fixtures have been popping up in other rooms, so it’s really no surprise the trend is making its way to the kitchen. The rich wood grain and deep, matte texture combined with minimalist cabinet doors look beautiful with soft muted marble and quartz countertops.

Along these same lines is the growing trend of bold matte black kitchen cabinetry with modern lines. From black lowers and white uppers, known as the tuxedo kitchen, to top to bottom black cabinetry, these cabinets boast painted on matte sheen often with coordinating backsplashes of matte tile. Complimenting this trend are brass faucets and fixtures, with polished counters and unique lighting.  

Backsplashes Go Vertical  

Not to be left behind, kitchen backsplashes which have recently gone from classic horizontal subway tiles to herringbone patterns, are now going vertical. Vertical tiling offers up imperfections with cracked glazes and colors, as well as tumbled edges, all delivering a cool artisan vibe. Longer tiles are making their way to the forefront, alongside finger mosaics, each adding distinctive character to the modern kitchens. 

Adding Textures

Textures, as mentioned, are factoring greatly in the latest kitchen design trends from vertical paneling to scalloped designs, fluted shapes, geometric patterns, and reeded options for cabinetry, islands, and drawer fronts. Glass and wood is also coming into play adding character, depth, and unexpected textures and surfaces. While these options are not used throughout the space they offer great impact when features in a limited area of the kitchen design.  

Clever Islands

Islands have long been trending in kitchen remodeling and they continue to trend whether as a functional part of the overall design or as a divider to break up spaces. Islands featured in the latest trends make a statement offering up unexpected pops of color and unique materials different from cabinetry. In addition, if your kitchen allows, double islands are also trending for 2022. 

Personal Spaces

Open floor plans continue to be on trend and homeowners are loving the idea of moving from generic spaces to areas mimicking the home and its owners’ personalities. Homeowners want personal kitchen spaces that are tailored and not cluttered. Custom colors and finishes are excellent options as are open shelving, peg rails with décor displays, and painted doors. Mixing materials from concrete molds to unexpected terrazzo bring surprising work surfaces into the space.  Decorative finishes are also trending in 2022 with wall paper, bold paint choices, unique floor and backsplash tiles. Personalized, nostalgic accessories (art, antiques, plants, baskets, and lamps, complete the look. 

The Latest Colors

The era of midnight blue is on its way out, replaced by natural green hues in every shade from sage to emerald, forest green to mint. Gray-green is also a popular choice which works well on styles from modern to traditional. Other colors rising in popularity alongside green and black include deep purple tones and earthy browns. Yellow is also growing more popular and two tone kitchens continue to be popular for kitchen remodels in 2022. 

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