Must Have Modular Kitchen Accessories

Must Have Modular Kitchen Accessories

Modular kitchen accessories not only add to the appeal of your kitchen’s aesthetics but they serve many practical purposes too. Their main objective is to improve functionality and efficiency of various kitchen components to make your day-to-day cooking an enjoyable experience. 

When closed, these units will blend into the background and will give you plenty of space to clean and move around. However, it is essential to choose these accessories based on your needs and the kitchen design you have in mind. To help you get started, here are six modular kitchen accessories that are a must have in 2022. 

Tall Units

Whether you want to go for a modern or a traditional look, tall units are a sound choice for every kitchen design. If you are working with limited space, these versatile units can store large amounts of groceries, non-perishable items, and utensils that would otherwise take more area if they were stored separately. You can add multiple pull-out trays to one unit turning it into a compact storage solution with easy access. They also come in various designs and finishes allowing you to mix and match ideas to get the perfect kitchen look you are going for. 

Bottle Pull-Outs 

Without a dedicated storage unit, bottles can easily clutter your kitchen surfaces. The best way to avoid this issue is by adding a bottle pull-out tray to your kitchen. These units can be used to store anything from essentials like cooking oil and dry food cans to juice bottles and more. You might not want to store anything with an open lid in these units as they may spill when sliding the tray out. 

Cutlery Baskets

A cutlery organizer can go a long way to make your daily kitchen tasks easier and a delightful experience. Cutlery trays are versatile and a must for every kitchen. With different compartments to hold your knives, spoons, forks, and other cutlery essentials, they can come in handy during many kitchen scenarios and especially when you need to grab something in a hurry. 

Corner Unit

It was hard to find a good use for corner spaces in kitchens until modern solutions like carousel units and L-shaped shelves made their way into the market. One such solution, called the LeMans Corner, features kidney-shaped trays that can rotate on their axis allowing you to make maximum use of hard-to-reach corners. These units are a must have especially if you have limited real estate in your kitchen. 

Under-Sink Units

Under-sink units are slowly picking up in popularity as more people are discovering their benefits. While you can store kitchen cleaning supplies like brushes, soap, etc. in your bathroom or the laundry room, having them close to where they are needed the most can be a game changer. You can even add a bin holder to the unit that slides under the sink to create a cleaner and organized kitchen environment. 

Vegetable Basket

While not very common, having dedicated baskets for vegetables and produce can save you a lot of time and effort. Wicker baskets that come with modular frameworks are durable and easy to clean. While you can keep most of these items in the fridge, baskets offer a seamless way to conceal these items and can come in handy when you want to whip up something quickly in the kitchen. 

Given that kitchens are the most utilized space in every home, these modular accessories are just as important as the countertops and cabinets. At Tops Kitchen Cabinet, we will help you make an educated choice based on what your kitchen requires to be fully functional. If you are interested in learning more about these accessories, get in touch with our amazing team today. 

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