Do You Need a Food Pantry?

Do You Need a Food Pantry?

Well, if you’re asking the question, then you’ve already considered adding a pantry to your kitchen remodel design. And since, you’ve considered it, you probably already know the answer to your question! Yes, you do need a food pantry. In the world of kitchen remodels for today’s modern lifestyle, a pantry just makes sense. Adding a food panty not only gives you much-needed storage space for always at the ready food items like cereal, canned goods, pasta, and more, it also helps you save cabinet space allowing you to store small appliances and other items which in turn gives you a more spacious work area. Now let’s check out other reasons you need a pantry for your new kitchen or your kitchen remodel and just how to go about designing it to meet all your pantry needs.

Beginning Your Food Pantry Design

Your new pantry is a way to maximize space and get you organized, but only if you design it correctly from the start. Getting the concept and design right is often the most important phase of adding a kitchen pantry to your remodel design. Pantries tend to get overlooked, tucked away into a confined closet or dark corner, failing to accomplish the goal of helping you be better organized and giving you the space you desire. Adding innovative design trends and organizational tools means your pantry will be the attractive and functional kitchen addition you desire, and not a cluttered, cramped storage are that no one wants to explore.

Making Your Pantry Efficient and Accessible

While your pantry is technically an additional storage area for your kitchen, you shouldn’t design your pantry based on storage alone. You also want your food pantry to be efficient with organized food items that are within easy reach. With that in mind, you need to be thinking open, organized, and accessible as you plan your pantry design.

After all, you don’t want your pantry to resemble a cavernous space, because while dark caves can be useful for storage, they are not aesthetically pleasing, nor are they convenient. And you want your pantry to be attractive, convenient, and functional, after all, you’ll be planning with, preparing, and putting away the foods that live there and you want to be able to get what you need quickly and easily. Instead consider a narrow depth, yet accessible pantry that features a door or doors – folding, sliding, French, slatted – whatever complements your overall design. You’ll then find your food within easy reach, while hidden neatly away.

If you simply can’t find a way to tuck a pantry into one of the kitchen walls or your available space is small, consider custom cabinetry for your pantry design. Custom cabinetry offers a number of options like storage shelves on doors, rotating shelves, lazy Susans, pull-out shelving, built-in bins, and more, perfectly functional and beautiful.

Yes, You Need a Food Pantry

No matter the size of your kitchen, large or small, you need a food pantry. Not only will it provide accessible storage, it will help you be better organized in the kitchen. There is a pantry solution for everyone, including you. If you aren’t sure how to incorporate a food pantry into your kitchen remodel, call on the experts to show you how. An expert kitchen designer, remodeler, or contractor can show you how to add the food pantry you need and want to your new kitchen design.

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