Preparing for a Kitchen Remodel After the Holidays

Preparing for a Kitchen Remodel After the Holidays

With the holiday over, now you have the kitchen all to yourself. It’s the best time to spruce it up to a desirable state. If you held the holiday in your place, even better, cause now you have more remodeling ideas. While the holiday must have been stressful, it’s time to chill, and absorb the new kitchen look and feel. With that said, here’s all you need to know about preparing for a kitchen after the holidays:

Bigger Storage Space

Bigger storage space in the kitchen is an incredible update, not just after the holidays, but also anytime. It’s an opportunity to declutter your kitchen even further and improve organization. Whether you are expanding the counter space, creating a pantry, or installing bigger cabinets they are all transformative. 

A custom cabinet that reaches the ceiling for instance expands the storage space and provides more room for your items. Depending on the design you prefer, these cabinets can be complementary to your kitchen dimension.

As a bonus, consider installing multiple drawers for easy arrangements of cutleries, and other small items. Experts at Top Kitchen Cabinet can help you choose an elegant yet functional kitchen cabinet to fulfill your needs. 


Holidays can take a toll on your countertop – spills, stains, hot dishes, and scratches. As such, a kitchen needs countertops that are resistant to stain, scratch, and heat. In addition, it must be easy to clean after use and doesn’t retain blemishes. If you need a countertop with such properties, then you’ll have to avoid wooden or wood-like countertops.

In this case, you need options like quartz, marble, and granite counters. These are the best choices when it comes to heat resistance, stain resistance, and easy cleaning. Thankfully, you can find these counters with unique designs, patterns, and various contrasts that match nicely with your cabinets. Also, they are the best to pick if you want to incorporate a natural feel in your kitchen. 


As you install the new counters, sink updates must also take place. And this is because the countertop needs to be cut to accommodate the sink design and size. Unlike cabinet and counter updates, sink updates are inexpensive but have a greater impact on your kitchen looks. 

In this case, stainless steel sinks are the most practical and add a beautiful touch to your kitchen. If a single sink was straining your duties in the kitchen, consider swapping it with a double sink. The double sinks accommodate multitasking, such as washing utensils on one side, and using the other to prepare food. 


Having a new countertop, cabinet, and sink prompts the installation of new and stylish backsplashes. They are best for creating cohesiveness between the counters and the cabinet. In this case, you need to consider either stone or tile backsplash. 

Both options are practical and add a touch of luxury to your kitchen. While backsplashes are best for creating cohesion in the kitchen, precision in cutting and installation plays a major role. What’s more, a final touch to complete the look is also crucial. With the help of a kitchen designer, you’ll be able to choose a backsplash that fits your kitchen style. 

Final Take 

Want more options on let’s say countertops, cabinets, or sinks? Well, contact the Top Kitchen Cabinet and you will get everything you need. Also, you can also visit their website to see what they have in store through their site. But, best of all, they’ll provide you with professional advice if you are unsettled about what you need. Finally, reach out to get an estimate on the kitchen cabinets, accessories, and countertops. 


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