Remodeling? Materials to Avoid

Remodeling? Materials to Avoid

When the time comes to remodel your kitchen and create your dream space, it is important to pick the proper materials. Even with a tight budget, you don’t want to choose material which are so inexpensive they have no return on investment (ROI) value. On the other hand, if you have large budget, you don’t want to choose over the top materials for which you’d never get a suitable ROI when the time to sell arrives. The truth is, there are lots of quality options with are affordable and add value to your remodel.

Your kitchen stands up to a lot of wear and tear each day, so when remodeling time comes, it is important to choose materials that are durable, functional, and allow you to show off your kitchen style. When making your selection, you’ll want to consider your budget, durability, maintenance required, and ease in cleaning. Here are some materials you may want to avoid during your remodel and why.

Laminate Cabinet Fronts

This does not apply to all laminate cabinet fronts, there are some high quality choices out there. Thermofoil Cabinet Fronts are made of vinyl which is molded to cover fiberboard. Less expensive thermofoil which is often white and seems like a fabulous bargain – isn’t heat resistant which means if placed near heat conductors like your oven and dishwasher will fail. In addition, this cheaper version thermofoil which is filled with fiberboard won’t stand the test of time. Nor will the vinyl exterior which will yellow and warp.

Comparatively, the newer, costlier Euro laminates offer higher quality and deliver loads of style for less than custom cabinets. In addition, these new, improved thermofoil cabinets make the grade, mimicking wood or high gloss finishes and delivering desired durability.

Laminate Countertops

While on the topic of laminate, let’s explore laminate countertops. Much like the aforementioned bargain priced thermofoil, low level plastic laminate is a no-no for your kitchen remodel. You can spot them right away; these inexpensive laminates don’t offer the lush texture of quality laminate countertops. In fact, they scratch with ease, chip just as fast, melt when in contact with a hot pot, and can actually pop up if water seeps through the seams.

On the other hand, newer, higher end laminate can be a good choice for your remodel offering styles, colors, and even textured surfaces which are scratch resistant. Like the Euro laminate cabinets, this premium laminate can mimic stone and wood surfaces.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Like the products previously mentioned, cheap vinyl flooring is thin, shows wear easily, and simply isn’t a good investment in your kitchen remodel. When water seeps under inexpensive sheet vinyl flooring, the kitchen floor becomes uneven. Conversely, the luxury end of vinyl flooring, known as luxury vinyl tile offers more durability, is longer lasting, and can even mimic higher end flooring options like stone tiles.

High Gloss Lacquered Cabinets

These shimmering cabinets are trending right now, and they are certainly attractive and expensive. To get the high gloss appearance requires lots of lacquer (20 or so layers) and the truth is, if they get scratched or otherwise damaged, they require a costly, multi-step process to repair. And this is where those high-end thermofoil Euro laminates save the day – they can mirror the look of high gloss lacquered cabinets at a fraction of the cost.

The Backsplash

Backsplashes are trending and so are fun and unique options from metal to artsy to glass and more. When choosing your backsplash for your kitchen remodel, keep in mind the trendiest options are usually the costliest and are also the one which fall out of style the fastest. Instead of going super trendy, choose a classic like the timeless subway tile which never goes out of style!

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