Remodeling in Modern Farmhouse Fashion

Remodeling in Modern Farmhouse Fashion

Farmhouse Style is the go-to look of many modern designers, but can the current trend of modern farmhouse style endure? The answer is yes, absolutely. The better question is how to embrace the chic, yet rustic movement of modern farm house in a way that can last. Doing so means choosing classic styles that can endure, look great and remain beautiful and stylish for the years ahead. Here are the items you want to include to create your timeless, trendy, “totally you” modern farmhouse fashion.

Lighting is Essential

In any design, lighting is essential. And in creating the modern farmhouse feel you are seeking, you have to think pastoral, rough, rural, and functional. Some might say “old-fashioned,” but the truth is, farmhouse style originated from a time when function took precedence over fashion. What fits the bill in the modern farmhouse style? Warehouse lighting also known as industrial lighting is the perfect fit. If you’re not one to go scavenging at thrift stores and yard sales or foraging through antique shops and salvage yards, you can find any number of options at your favorite home interior stores. Keep in mind when making your selections, you are looking for bucolic style, authentic function, and a bit of wow factor, of course. Today, you can find a wide variety options from finishes to colors to style that offer up an industrial look to fit your space, style, and budget.

Shiplap – Architectural and Aesthetic

Long before it became the darling of popular TV home improvement stars, shiplap was a fundamental architectural and aesthetically pleasing option for any room in a house. Shiplap is definitely rustic with a bucolic appeal for interior walls, even though it looks as if it belongs on the exterior of your home. In case you aren’t familiar with trendy shiplap, it is a milled board which features a grove allowing the board to fit well but leaving a unique line in between. Its distinctive look can drift toward rustic or contemporary, but there is no doubt the simple streamlined look is sure to deliver the modern farmhouse style without overpowering the surroundings. Shiplap brings charm and architecture, as well as style, as long you don’t overuse it in your home. Chose a single room and bring on the charm of modern farmhouse style – understated, yet forthright – with timeless appeal.

The Appeal of Antiques

Not all antiques are created equal, but the pieces that are deliver a coziness and charm that cannot be duplicated. Timeless antique furniture and accessories passed from generation to generation or rescued from the estate sale or flea market can easily complete the modern farmhouse look. When refurbishing salvaged pieces, remember nearly every classic antique can find new life when reimagined in your home. A dry sink or a chest of drawers can become a one of a kind bathroom vanity with limitless storage. A wardrobe, armoire, or chifforobe can morph into a unique entertainment center while end tables can become nightstands offering up distinctive farmhouse style and function. Don’t stop with furniture though, consider unique antiques that can be fashioned in lamps, artwork, or accent pieces for your modern farmhouse look. The nostalgic keepsake could easily be a part of today’s farmhouse chic design.

Pulling Together Your Own Farmhouse Fashion

From lighting to shiplap to antiques, creating your own modern farmhouse fashion can bring long lasting style to your home by conjoining past and present together in a wonderful fresh timeless classic.

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