Serious about Cooking – Choose the Best Countertops

Serious about Cooking – Choose the Best Countertops

Home chefs take their cooking seriously and as a result they want all the best equipment, as well as all the essential accessories. In addition, home chefs also want their kitchen equipped with the cabinetry needed to house all their culinary goodies with care and have the functional countertops needed to accomplish all the essential kitchen tasks. Let’s take a look at the best countertops for cooks serious about their food and its preparation.

Characteristics of the Best Countertops

The best countertops are capable of handling the heat from the oven and the stovetop, as well as taking the heat from hot pots, pans, and baking dishes. Since laminates, wood, and most solid surface countertops don’t handle heat well, they simply aren’t the best choices for cooking enthusiasts. Countertops which are resistant to stains are important too, after all, as a home chef you’ll be using lots of foods and liquids – lemons, tomatoes, wine, oils, and more – which can stain porous countertops. Porous countertops include marble, sandstone, granite (though it can stand up to the heat), wood, and bamboo. The right countertops for serious cooks are made of material that can be easily cleaned. Raw proteins, vegetables, and fruits can harbor bacteria which remains on the countertops during food preparation. Once again, porous materials aren’t the best choice for those who take cooking to another level.

The Best Countertops for Serious Home Cooks

  • Glass Countertops made of heat-resistant glass can be an excellent choice for home chefs. With a wide assortment of styles, glass countertops are often designed of tiles. Glass also allows for the option of being back-lit by LED lighting creating a distinct look. Recycled glass countertops are an eco-friendly option manufactured from crushed glass which is embedded in resin and deliver beautiful countertops in a multitude of colors and designs.
  • Stainless Steel countertops are the favorite among professional chefs because stainless steel is impervious to heat and stain while cleaning easily. Stainless steel doesn’t corrode or rust easily and can stand harsher cleaning when needed. Like recycled glass countertops, stainless is also an environmentally friendly option, lasting up to 100 years and manufactured in the United States from recycled scrap metal. Because it is not porous, liquid can’t penetrate the stainless steel surface which means it helps prevent the spread or cross-contamination from bacteria, viruses, or fungi.
  • Ceramic Tile and Porcelain Tile are classic choices for kitchens and one of the ideal substances to use for countertops because they can withstand the heat in the kitchen and don’t stain easily. Add a water resistant grout and tiles will provide the results serious home cooks are looking for in their kitchens. Plus, ceramic and porcelain tiles offer up a vast selection of colors, patterns, shapes, sizes, and styles which means the options for cooking enthusiasts to show off their personal styles are endless. Tile is a great choice for countertops because it is easy to clean and promises to also serve in complementary and functional backsplashes.

When seeking a countertop able to stand up to the heat and resist the stains prevalent in a cook’s kitchen, glass, recycled glass, stainless steel, ceramic tile, and porcelain tile are among the best options for both performance and functionality for years to come. Additionally, these materials are easy to clean and offer incredible options for style – sleek and modern, timeless and traditional, or funky and eclectic.

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