Small Ways to Improve Your Kitchen

Small Ways to Improve Your Kitchen

A complete kitchen remodeling can be a farfetched idea at the moment due to the costly budget among other factors. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t tune it to reflect your dream kitchen. With minor adjustments, a few updates, and decorations, you can give your kitchen a stunning transformation. And the following are small ways to improve your kitchen to get that outstanding look: 

New Lighting

Swapping your old lighting with the latest designs can create a significant difference in your kitchen. This change will make the whole place brighter and easier to work in. you can get a new designer shade for the brightest center light in the kitchen. Above the countertop or kitchen island, consider fancy pendant light. And then have a dramatic gooseneck sconce over your sink, or incorporate corner lights to brighten that space. 

Get a New Backsplash

A change of backsplash on the countertop wall and behind the sink can improve the ambiance of the kitchen. Therefore, if your kitchen has old and dull backsplash, consider swapping them with stylish and colorful ones to brighten the place. 

Cabinet Painting

You can do this if you have time and patience. It takes a significant effort to work on cabinets when painting them, but the change can be felt throughout your kitchen space. Alternatively, you can swap the cabinets with new ones for a drastic change.

New Knobs for Your Cabinet

Besides painting them, getting new standout knobs for your cabinets is complimentary. It’s a small update with a significant transformation. There are many styles to choose from contemporary styles to antique knobs. Thus, choose a knob that will have a significant impact. 

Need a New Countertop 

The countertop is one of the standout things in the kitchen. It’s where most food prep takes place as well as entertainment. As such, swapping the old countertop with a sparkly new one can change the look of the kitchen. Depending on your budget, you can laminated tops, granite tops, ceramic tops, or natural stone. Choose a unique texture, edging, and finishing that will compliment your kitchen. 

Find a Fancy Dish Rack 

Wire dish racks tend to be shinny and complementary. They are practical and adds a touch of style to the kitchen space. So, if you are still using the wooden or plastic dish racks, try this change and you will love it. 

Organize or Improvise Your Storage Space

Sometimes it’s the cluttered kitchen that gives the space a bad vibe. But, when you de-clutter it through organizing the storage space and improvise it, a new look develops. Use wire shelves and pull-out shelves to maximize the storage space.

New Accessories

Kitchen accessories also tend to wear off with time due to overuse. Therefore, changing some of them is one of the ways to improve your kitchen presentation. The likes of sinks and taps are some of the accessories you can begin with. 

Hardware Updates

Swapping the old and dull hardware with the latest and flashy options refreshes your kitchen looks. Use brass among other options to warm up the finishes on hardware. You can choose a sleek design if you want a trendy-looking kitchen. 

Get a New Rug 

This is one of the easiest ways to radically transform your kitchen. However, if you have time, consider replacing the current flooring with laminated plastic tiles. It’s time-saving and doesn’t cost much. Alternatively, you can invest in porcelain or ceramic flooring. 


Some of these small changes that will significantly improve your kitchen space are manageable through DIY. But the likes of countertops, installation of new hardware, lighting, and kitchen flow may require shopping and professional assistance. 

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