Is a Smart Kitchen in Your Future?

Is a Smart Kitchen in Your Future?

Is a smart kitchen in your future? The answer is most assuredly yes, as innovations in appliances, electronics, and technology continue to march forward changing forever the way humanity works and plays. As smart kitchen technology evolves, it is important to consider the latest innovations when designing a new kitchen or remodeling an older kitchen. Aesthetics and function are always part of efficient and beautiful kitchen design and developing a plan for a new smart kitchen is, well, a smart idea.

Do you Need a Smart Kitchen?

Again, the answer is – yes. Moving to a smart kitchen – whether it means the coffee maker, the refrigerator, the lighting, or another modern gadget – means reducing the effort required in completing kitchen prep and execution time. On top of that, the smart kitchen also delivers user friendliness with convenience and flexibility, as well as increased enjoyment.

Think about it, the benefits of having a smart kitchen are endless. Smart coffee makers prepare your coffee while you get ready for the day ahead and offer it up as soon as you enter the kitchen. Motion sensors turn on lights when you enter, open the trash can as you pass, dispense soap for washing your hands, and activate the faucet automatically to get the job done.

The Age of the Connected Home

Movies have touted the smart home for years and it has arrived. Smart phone apps allow homeowners to control appliances, security systems, thermostats, coffee makers, and the list continues to grow. Major appliance manufacturers are at work in the development of appliances which integrate easily into the connected home.

Smart kitchens now feature refrigerators with cameras allowing you to see inside without opening the door and add much needed grocery items to your list while you’re at work or even while you’re at the store. In the works technology for refrigerators include the ability to tell you what can meals can be prepared from the food within, if food is about to expire or your milk is nearly empty which means at some point, the refrigerator might even be able to make your grocery list for you as well!

Smart kitchen lighting already allows you to turn lights on and off from your tablet or smartphone. In addition, some small appliances have the same capabilities, a great bonus in case you forget to turn off the coffee maker before heading to work. Already in place are slow cookers which can be controlled via your smartphone and notify you when your meal is ready. The robotic bartender, controlled by your smartphone, can also have your favorite cocktail ready as soon as you arrive home from work. Soon to come are ovens with the same camera capability allowing you to check your meal during your evening walk or while you lounge by the pool.

The Challenges of the Future

Large appliances have been slower to join the smart kitchen revolution simply because they are more expensive and considered by many homeowners as investments only purchased when upgrading is needed. This means, of course, that savvy manufacturers have to create smart appliances which flexible integrated systems that won’t be outdated in a year or two. As new smart appliances come on line they will need to be compatible and connectable to the homeowner’s network as well.

When remodeling or building – the time to design your smart kitchen is now! Even though there is still much innovation to come, today’s smart kitchen options are many and make kitchen tasks more user-friendly with programmable appliances, smartphone connectivity, and hands-free convenience.

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