Store More in Your Kitchen

Store More in Your Kitchen

In the kitchen, everyone wants more storage. But the question is, how do you get it without a complete kitchen overhaul? Of course, if a kitchen remodel is in your near future, you can boost your storage easily during the remodel, but if not, here are some easy ways to enhance your storage if your remodel dreams aren’t possible right now.

Freestanding Furniture Pieces

The lack of cabinetry is often frustrating in the kitchen, but you can easily remedy that issue with freestanding furniture items. From buffets to armoires, these beautiful furniture items can add fresh style and warmth to any kitchen, plus all the storage you need for dishware, cookware, glassware, and even linens.

Utilize Unused Spaces

You know that little area beneath your built-in cabinets, the wasted space between the floor and the cabinets, it’s the ideal place to add storage. Known as the toe-kick, shallow drawers can be installed there and is the perfect space to house baking pans, cookie sheets, serving dishes, and even kids’ craft supplies.

Let Your Walls Do the Work

Open shelves add a fresh new look to your kitchen. While serving the utilitarian function of storing your much-needed items, open shelving allows you to display your cookbook collection, your sparkling stemware, or displays of beautiful bowls and dishware. Store smaller items in pretty and functional baskets or group and stack your items for easy access.

Magnetic strips and wire wall grids offer options for keeping knives and other kitchen tools within easy reach. A center for hanging tools increases storage and adding accessories allows you to store even more like spices on attachable racks.

Doors Do Double Duty

Like walls, doors can do double duty and enhance your kitchen storage option. You can attach racks to the insides of cabinet and pantry doors to increase your storage. These racks are perfect for small canned items, foils, wraps, plasticware, and more. To install, be sure you allow clearance for the racks and the items you plan to store, so your cabinets and doors will store securely.

Make a Place for Recyclables and Garbage

You want to be eco-friendly, without cluttering up the kitchen while you are. Consider installing a two-bin pull-out accessory in one of your cabinets. By the sink or near the door that exits outside is the optimal location, making it easy to take outside when emptying is needed. Putting the trash and recyclables in one space is convenient for everyone. On top of that, you’re hiding them behind the cabinet doors, so everything is stored out of sight.

Let Drawers Pull Their Weight

Create a pantry if you don’t have one. If a pantry isn’t available in your kitchen, you can use deep over-sized drawers to store boxes and bags of cereals, pastas, grains, and other dry goods, keeping them organized, and easily accessible. Shallow drawers can be sued for storing spice bottles and containers on their side, making them easy to see and access while cooking.

Adding adjustable inserts to your drawers allows you to store flatware and other small items in an effective and organized way that can be changed if needed.

Don’t Overlook Those Corners

In many kitchens there are deep corners where countertops meet. These spaces often become wasted space. By adding some cabinetry, these spaces be utilized to store small appliances out of sight until they are needed.

Now you can see how to store more in your kitchen, making it a more functional and beautiful space, without the expense of full remodel.

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