The Best Woods for Your Kitchen Cabinets

The Best Woods for Your Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to choosing kitchen cabinets, many people are perplexed a making the decision. Even when the choice has been narrowed down to wood cabinetry, the options are can still make the choice challenging. After all, when remodeling your kitchen, you want to find the cabinetry which suits your style, looks beautiful, and will be functional and durable for a long time. Wood cabinets are an optimal choice, offering lots of options, which are indeed built to last. Wood kitchen cabinets allow you to illuminate your personal style with the finish you select – whether that means showing off the wood you’ve selected with stain or opting for color with paint. Plus, wood kitchen cabinets are timeless, working well in new construction or remodeled spaces with ease. Among the best Let’s explore how you can choose the best wood for your kitchen cabinets. 

If You Want the Wood’s Character on Display in Your Kitchen

If you want to showcase the character and charm of the wood, the best choices for your cabinets are cherry, oak, walnut, hickory, and alder. These woods offer lots of appeal, each with it own unique personality, texture, and appeal. Offering up distinctive textures, one of a kind patters, and distinguishing wood grains, these options look beautiful when stained, giving your kitchen a natural organic feel. When you have the wood’s character on display, no two kitchens will be exactly alike.

  • Cherry offers a smooth, close-grained wood which is ideal for a variety of finishes including dark stains. Because it is easy to work with – sanding, carving, and molding – it can fit any style, is versatile, and actually becomes more beautiful with age. 
  • Oak is a timeless choice, durable and water resistant. Oak wood comes in a variety of natural colors from white to red, and stains increase the color options available for your kitchen.
  • Walnut is durable, though it is not the hardest wood available it is resistant to dents and other issues, plus it is resistant to water.
  • Hickory is well known for its durability, resistant to denting, scratching and moisture.
  • Alder, another beautiful hardwood, is a great choice if you prefer lighter wood tones and a more neutral graining because it does not darken with time. 

If You Prefer a Smooth, Painted Finish for Your Cabinets

If you want the option of color, you will want to select a paint grade wood like maple. Maple features a small grain which means you cannot see or feel its texture or pattering easily. This makes maple a solid choice for painting your cabinets the color of your choice. Maple is a durable hardwood resistant to dents and scratches and is often more affordable than other hardwoods.

If your budget is tight, but you still want wood, poplar and pine are affordable option. Poplar is lighter and pine is softer, and both work well as painted cabinets in your kitchen remodel when you need a cost-effective choice.

Making the Final Choice for Your Kitchen

Wood kitchen cabinets are durable, and beneficial for sustainability efforts. A timeless, not trendy choice, wood cabinets are always an excellent choice for your kitchen. Wood can be stained, shellacked, or painted with ease, allowing you to change the look over time if you so desire. If you are ready to remodel your kitchen with wood cabinetry, Tops Kitchen Cabinet and Granite can meet your needs with a variety of wood cabinets – from basic to premium, framed to frameless, and with all the colors, styles, and finishes you can imagine.

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