The Hardware to Enhance Shaker Style Cabinets

The Hardware to Enhance Shaker Style Cabinets

Timeless and beautiful, Shaker Style cabinetry is as popular as ever, making its way into homes not only in the kitchen but all over the house. With the addition of Shaker Style cabinetry, you can add your own unique touches from the vast selection of knobs and pulls available. Shaker Style offers a flexibility which other cabinetry does not, allowing you to create your own designer look in the kitchen or elsewhere in your home. Let’s explore the options available to help you select the ideal style for your space whether your home is modern or traditional.

Nickel and Steel – The Epitome of Traditional Style

Shaker Style cabinets are famous, and rightly so, for their clean, uncomplicated lines which encourages the perfect pairing with classic steel or nickel knobs and pulls. This simple addition is trouble free and lends itself to timeless style which complements modern or vintage styling in your kitchen. In vintage kitchens, the combination is often steel or nickel knobs on doors and bin or cup pulls  on drawers which offer enduring warmth and period flair for your space. Nickel and steel look great with white cabinetry topped with gray, black or white countertops.

Ceramic or Glass Knobs – Vintage Style at Its Best

Antique glass or ceramic knobs, often from the early nineteen century is the perfect match for Shaker Style cabinets, particularly cabinets featuring a stained finish showcasing the wood features. Glass or ceramic knobs bring a complementary contrast to the classic wood finishes. These vintage knobs come in a variety of colors, may be clear, opaque, or transparent, and can be used on doors and drawers. They present historical charm which is ideal if your style is Craftsman, Colonial, or Victorian.

Classic Pulls – Industrial or Traditional

Classic pulls are the hardware choice which features exposed screws, and come in a variety of finishes including antique brass, oil rubbed bronze, or nickel as well as number of sizes. These pulls can easily complement farmhouse, utilitarian, or industrial styles, being reminiscent of the window pulls of yesteryear. Classic pulls pair well with other classic materials like farm sinks, subway tiles, commercial appliances, industrial accoutrements, and stainless steel.

Tubular Bar Pulls – A Modern Touch

Tubular bar pulls in stainless steel or nickel bring a sleek modern touch to the timeless style of Shaker cabinets. Also known as barrel pulls, these pulls come in a variety of lengths and finishes, and can add drama to the simplicity of Shaker style doors. Tubular bars look great with modern elements in your kitchen like oversized tiles; long, narrow tiles, dark stained Shaker cabinets, and contemporary lighting. 

Wire Pulls with Decorative Features

Known as wire pulls with decorative features or accented wire pulls, these lean to a more traditional kitchen style. Classic pulls in this style go by a variety of names but are known for their ornamental details. Footed bar pulls and arced bar pulls fall into this group

Decorative and classic, wire pulls pair well with decorative crown molding, hood surrounds, plate racks and other traditional décor.

Flat Bar Pulls – Akin to Modern Tubular Style

Similar in style to tubular bar pulls these flat bar pulls are most popular in longer lengths. Nickel and stainless steel are the most sought after finishes, though bronze is making a mark in the industry. Like tubular pulls, flat bar pulls bring modern style to classic Shaker cabinetry. With the promise of contemporary flair, flat bar pulls complement Shaker cabinets finishes in darker tones or white, and look beautiful with glass backsplashes and stone countertops.

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