The Latest Trends in Kitchen Design

The Latest Trends in Kitchen Design

Kitchen trends come and go, with some trends never going completely out of style. The white kitchen is one of those timeless trends, but 2020 has offered up some new designs for those who enjoy pops of color or a nod to nature. Whether you love the look of modern farmhouse or want to embrace the latest global trend, there are lots of ways to express your personal style in your kitchen redesign. You can add color with paint or the latest in bold, bright colorful appliances. You may choose to bring natural elements adding ecofriendly design or sustainable materials to your new kitchen. Adding texture is easy when you choose reclaimed wood, terracotta, cement, or natural stone. Metal finishes bring an industrial look with matte black, nickel, and brass hardware and industrial elements. Let’s explore the latest design trends as you plan your kitchen design.

Open, Defined Floor Plans

There is no doubt that open floor plans create a clean and modern aesthetic. With that in mind, today’s open floor plans retain all that is good in the design but features defined areas through the use of cabinets and pony (half) walls. Kitchen islands are giving way to dining tables, to give modern kitchens more space to relax and enjoy time with family and friends.

Curves are the Future

It is no secret that curves deliver character to homes. From arched doorways to windows, curved furniture to non-linear design, curves are the future, bringing impact and influence to your kitchen design. The latest curves replace boxy lines and add fresh flair to your space.

Color, Color, Color

Vivid and bold, colors are on trend once more. Today’s rich colors replace white and black, offering up creamy tones and deep, vibrant blues as a replacement. It was bound to happen once Pantone named Classic Blue as the 2020 Color of the Year. Earthy hues like bronze, clay, and ochre are delivering a bold new color palette which allows you to create your own unique kitchen style while updating your space.

Metallic Touches

As mentioned, metallic touches are bringing industrial chic to the kitchen. Mixing metals is more popular than ever, pairing a main metal with complementary metal accents. Rose gold, matte black, and nickel are in with chrome and brass on the rise!

Repurposing Design

Repurposing remains on trend from refurbishing buffets or repurposing dressers for use as alternative cabinetry in the kitchen. Equally on trend are using unusual industrial pieces as tables, lighting, and more.  As repurposing grows, an eclectic mix of periods and styles is morphing into the latest trend. The mix of genres, from minimalist to maximalist styles, combining styles allows you to set the tone for your space creating a unique look all your own. It can mean adding your own special heirlooms, such as  mixing grandma’s vintage plates with sleek industrial open shelving or blending grandpa’s antique wooden crates with modern metal elements. 

Choose Your Pattern

Everyone has patterns they love, whether it means scalloped edges, soft florals, or clean lines. Whatever your pleasure, incorporate your favorite patterns – herringbone to chevron – as a focal element, not engulfing the entire room. You can choose floral wallpaper on a feature wall, patterned backsplash tiles, print patterns or etched glass as cabinet fronts. Whatever you choose, select wisely, as doing so will deliver greater impact and style to your overall design without overwhelming your signature look.

As trends continue to evolve, elements of modern farmhouse, minimalist clean lines, and industrial chic will remain, as they become layered into the fabric of the latest trend and allowing you to design the kitchen of your reams in your unique style.

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