The Top Kitchen Cabinet Colors of 2022

The Top Kitchen Cabinet Colors of 2022

There are so many finishes to choose from and many factors to keep in mind when making that decision. At Tops Kitchen Cabinets and Granite, we ensure that you have a variety of options to choose from. 

Kitchen cabinets are right in the heart of the home. You will want to choose something based on your personal style, but also keep in mind that the average family moves every five to seven years. Resale of the home is another factor that needs to be kept in mind. Perhaps your new buyer might not be in love with deep teal quite as much as you are….

It is important to choose something that is classic without outdating itself in the next few years. While white is often a top choice, there can be many different takes on neutrals. Neutral no longer just means white. 

Here are the top luxury kitchen cabinet finishes from Tops Kitchen Cabinets and Granite available in 2022:

  1. White Shaker– a style that is simple, yet aesthetically pleasing. This style has clean lines and a simple look that goes with almost anything in a kitchen. You can accent these cabinets with bright accessories. White cabinets aren’t going anywhere in 2022 or for years to come. A white kitchen is always beautiful. You can also use white shaker cabinets mixed with another tone of cabinets.
  2. Milk White– this is a style that gives a more antique look to your kitchen. This color is not as stark as a traditional white. This color also goes with nearly everything but is more vintage looking. Milk white pairs well with rich wood colors. The off white can be accented with antiqued silver or gold hardware to finish the look.
  3. Honey– this look provides a warm and soothing look for your kitchen. If you want a homey feel, these may be your pick. Honey also goes with most other colors and provides a very traditional look. Navy, sage, and blue greens pair well with the honey hues.
  4. Walnut– this is a style that provides a rich and rustic look. Walnut is a popular choice that is noted for its deep and stunning brown hue. This solid dark wood choice will add a high end look to any kitchen. It contrasts well with a white countertop and back splash.
  5. Coffee and coffee glaze– this gives a warm and soft feel to a kitchen. These cabinets give a different spin to neutral. They are aesthetic without being overbearing. Coffee colored cabinets go well with black, white, brass, gold, and silver. This style works as an excellent backdrop for brighter accents in the kitchen.
  6. Espresso– this is a very rich look with a deep, dark finish. The popularity of espresso is due to its sleek and understated chocolatey hue. This is an ideal look that complements nearly any kitchen. You will want to choose lighten colored counters to offset an espresso finish and keep your kitchen from appearing too dark.
  7. Cherry– these give a luxury, expensive look that won’t go out of style. Cherry cabinets give warmth to the home that is perfect for many kitchens. Cherry goes well with a wide variety of countertop finishes.

It is important when choosing a finish for your cabinets that you sample the finish in the space. Different lighting can have quite an effect on the way cabinets look in a space and you want to be happy with your choice for years to come. 

In summary, whichever finish you choose, be sure it is one that you love. You can find out more here

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