All Things Kitchen – What’s the Latest?

All Things Kitchen – What’s the Latest?

Trends are continually changing, particularly in kitchen design. From color trends to cabinetry to appliances to technology, let’s explore the latest happenings in the kitchen.


While all white kitchens will never go out of style, color is returning to kitchen design. Among the popular choices are deep hues like greens and blues, as well as natural wood tones. Navy remains a timeless option, but teal and brighter greens are gaining popularity. Clean lines and minimalist design, like Shaker and other flat-panel styles of cabinetry continue to trend. Wood drawers, pullouts, and shelving are making their way into cabinetry design as well. Molding is falling out of favor, while unique details, including textural elements, gain in popularity.


As kitchens continue to evolve as the heart of the home becoming the areas where dinner is shared, homework is done, and entertaining happens, homeowners are looking to options other than granite for countertops. Granite is beautiful and still dominates the market, as a natural stone it porous meaning it can stain as well as harbor bacteria. Quartz, which combines crushed natural stone and resin, is more durable and is growing in popularity. Porcelain slabs are gaining a huge following because it is impervious to heat, bacteria, and stains while it can mimic granite, wood, marble, and more.


As mentioned, kitchens have become the heart of the home, spreading out into living spaces, and, in turn, creating the need for extended and uniform flooring. This desire for continuity has seen the rise of hardwood flooring covering both the kitchen and living areas and delivering a welcoming, timeless style to both spaces.


While stainless steel appliances will probably never go out of style, colorful appliances are currently trending, offering a way to inject personality into the kitchen. Black stainless steel is growing in popularity, with red, blue, orange, and yellow as popular alternatives as well. Some manufacturers have embraced the growing trend, allowing homeowners to customize appliance colors to complement their other kitchen finishes.


The sink remains a busy part of every kitchen, used to wash dishes, pots, pans, and hands as well as clean produce. The latest trends in sinks, known as a workstation sink, delivers a plethora of accessories enabling the home chef to utilize the sink space for carving meat, offering up condiments, deliver beverages to guests, and serve as a colander or a drying rack. Perfect for smaller spaces but functional in larger spaces these new workstation sinks extend counterspace as needed, making them an ideal option for those who love to entertain.


Technology, formerly reserved for other parts of the home has made its way into the kitchen to stay. From smart refrigerators to smart ovens with voice recognition, the kitchen has become, not only the heart of the home, but a hub for technology as well. Today’s latest kitchen gadgets include smart ovens which know the item being placed inside, and summarily adjust cooking time and temperature to the food. These smart ovens are capable of sending push notifications, and connecting with smart speakers to turn the oven on and off remotely and more. Some even allow you to view your dinner cooking via your smart phone.

And More to Come…

Appliances will, no doubt become smarter and smarter as technology continues to evolve, but other kitchen gadgetry promises to ease the burden of home chefs everywhere. From vacuum sealing which prevent spoiling to the immersion circulator for sous vide, home cooks can venture into the realm of celebrated chefs everywhere.

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