Timeless Kitchen Colors

Timeless Kitchen Colors

When planning a kitchen remodel or even just a kitchen refresh, choosing a color scheme you’ll love can be hard. After all you want to avoid colors that are just too trendy to last, but you still want a stylish look, timeless, essentially one that you won’t fall out of love with anytime soon. You and your family likely spend lots of time in the kitchen, cooking, snacking, gathering for meals, and entertaining. The truth is kitchens – regardless of their size – are high traffic areas in nearly all homes. And though you might not realize it, there is a wide array of versatile colors that offer timeless beauty and still reflect your unique style, but there is a catch.

Simply Neutral is Key

Like you, everyone has a favorite color or two. They are hues which speak to you, but they may not be the right choice for your kitchen. Kitchen contractors and designers agree, a simply neutral palette is the ideal choice for your kitchen’s foundation. Whites, Eggshells, Beiges, or Gray present a setting which not only increases the value of your home but opens up limitless color options for you to accentuate your kitchen style. The timelessness and value of a neutral kitchen has been proven time and time again and is a foundational choice you will never regret whether you sell your home down the road or remain in it forever. Neutral color schemes are both fresh and timeless, and the perfect setting to mix with other hues – bright or muted. A combination of gray and white is a popular option as it pairs well with trending glass backsplashes and stainless steel appliances.

Neutral is Versatile and Adaptable

You may be thinking, “neutral is boring” or “but I love bold colors.” That’s perfect because choosing a neutral basis allows you to easily show off your personality and style with bold accessories. From dinnerware to small appliances, area rugs to fresh flowers, you can display your artistic flare – whether it eclectic and bright or peaceful and calming. A foundational neutral palette also allows you to use texture creatively as well with finishes and materials – think rough and smooth, matte and glossy, satin and shimmery, vintage to modern.

Color and Size

Whatever color palette you chose for your kitchen, you should always keep in mind the size. Remember, smaller spaces look more spacious when lighter colors – white, eggshell, bone – are used for coordinated cabinets, countertops, and walls. If you have an open floor plan, you’ll want to select kitchen colors which complement the adjoining spaces as well. Of course, you can use darker hues in larger spaces, but take care that you don’t make your kitchen look small and dark. No matter the size, your kitchen should be bright and welcoming.

Pops of Color

Though you may not have considered it before, your neutral based kitchen pallet means you aren’t committed to a single color palette for the long term. Your neutral foundation allows you to be inspired by color all year long. You can change colors according to the seasons, a special occasion, or on a whim by opting for different chair cushions, window treatments, artwork, rugs, or open shelving displays. You get to share your personality and change the look whenever you want.  And don’t forget the power of paint! You can paint chairs, barstools, the interior of your cabinets, or a single wall to add color that is easily changed anytime you like.

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