Timeless Kitchen Remodeling

Timeless Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen trends tend to be fluid, though there are some design choices which remain timeless. Living in today’s digital landscape, homeowners are exposed to all the latest trends – classic to faddish, only to find themselves wondering how to choose. Given that the National Association of REALTORS® latest estimates put a full kitchen remodel in the range of $60K, you want to make the right selection for your lifestyle as well as the investment you are making in the overall value of your home. Let’s explore the timeless design styles to keep your kitchen both welcoming and functional as well as beautiful, valuable, and marketable.

White Doesn’t Go Out of Style

Even as bright and bold colors make their way into the latest designs, white never goes out of style. White is marketable when it comes to selling, capable of being paired with every style and color. A bright hue, white makes small kitchen look larger, and enhances the beauty of kitchens of every size. White signals purity and cleanliness, while allowing homeowners to show off their style from classic to contemporary, traditional to modern, and every style in between. Virtually any accent works with white – bold bright hues, shimmering metals, rustic accoutrements, antique pieces, and natural elements. Plus, because white is among the manufacturers’ standards, you’ll always be able to find the pieces you need (cabinets, countertops, sinks, appliances, tile, etc.) to fit your budget.

Let’s Get Practical – Storage Galore

In the past, kitchen storage was, well, limited. In fact, families in older homes often find the must store their kitchen supplies – cookware, dinnerware, serving pieces, even pantry staples, elsewhere in their house. When the time comes for remodeling, it’s time to be practical and incorporate the needed storage. Now this is not just any storage, but smart storage in the form of cabinetry that slides, turns, extends, pulls out, and unfolds as needed. You will need a convenient storage zone, the place where your most utilized items (think knives, pots, pans, measuring cups) will call home and be within easy reach when you need them. When crafting your new kitchen design, don’t just plan for the present but keep the future in mind – for example, what if you want to a wine cooler, a mini-fridge for beverages, or some fabulous new appliance that has yet to be invented.

Underfoot – Hardwood Flooring is King

Hardwood flooring is king when it comes to durable, long lasting kitchen flooring that never goes out of style. Reasonably priced and exceedingly beautiful, hardwood flooring is almost every homeowner’s dream and not just in the kitchen! The truth is hardwood flooring is the one aspect of kitchen remodeling on which men and women agree. Hardwoods, whether you prefer casual to chic, traditional to modern, exude personality, warmth and welcome, and pairs perfectly with ever kitchen design. Hardwood flooring adds beauty and cohesiveness to open floor plans, flowing easily from one space to the next. As the name implies, these floors can handle all the traffic that coms their way, able to be refinished multiple times and lasting as long as 100 years.

Shaker Cabinets – Timeless Style

Much like white in the kitchen and hardwood floors, Shaker style cabinets are a timeless addition to your remodeling project. Simple clean lines define this beautiful American style. Shaker cabinets promise to look beautiful and complement your kitchen style, whatever it is! Rather than overwhelming the design, Shaker cabinets deliver a fresh clean appearance that pairs well with classic, contemporary or transitional style. Offering the perfect balance between old and new, Shaker cabinets promise to remain timeless.

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