The Timeless White Kitchen

The Timeless White Kitchen

Kitchen trends often become fads and those fads fade into memory. In the midst of fading fads, white is kitchen’s timeless choice. When the time comes to remodel, there is no other trend choice that adds as much in the way of consistent value and return on investment (ROI). Why a white kitchen, you may ask. The truth is – white always presents as clean and fresh, and what better way to describe a great kitchen design.

The History of Timeless White

In the early 20th century, white was the color of choice for kitchens. Actually, white was essentially the only color offered for kitchens. It’s not really surprising, given the World War had just ended, followed by a worldwide influenza epidemic which claimed 50 million lives. White was the color which represented health and cleanliness to a world which had suffered great hardship.
The popularity of white remains as strong as ever in the 21st century. White appliances remain the number one choice among consumers, as do white cabinets. This is good news for those who are remodeling and choose white as the foundation of their new kitchen. White is not only beautiful, but marketable should the time come that you want to sell your house.

The Benefits of White

White, along with its association with health and cleanliness, is also believed to promote happiness, and represent innocence, and purity. On top of all those good vibes, white reflects light and pairs well with every color in the rainbow. White’s reflectivity makes kitchens feel welcoming and spacious, no matter how small they are.

White is the perfect neutral – creating detailed designs, offering depth and contrast, as well as highlighting unique architectural features. Plus, as mentioned, white complements every color, shade, and hue, and it is the perfect foundation on which to add distinct lighting, tile, hardware, accessories, and art.

Timeless white perfects any kitchen style from farmhouse country to modern minimalist. No matter the style – contemporary, transitional, traditional, or eclectic – white harmonizes and balances. White allows homeowners to show off their kitchen style and stay within their budget. How? It is a standard color with all manufacturers from cabinetry to appliances, to countertops, and every detail in between. And most importantly, going all white with cabinets, appliances, and countertops means adding your favorite colors to accent, change the mood, or follow a trend is simple.

Making Your Selections

White appliances lost ground in popularity for a short time to stainless steel, but no more, as white appliances are back on top! To meet the demand, manufacturers have introduced a variety of white options from polished enamel options to beautiful overlay panels to complement cabinet style.

Selections for white countertops are many. Choose from Calacatta or Carrara marble which has been used in homes for thousands of years. Quartz and solid surface white countertops are also a popular option. For the budget conscious, the latest white laminates are beautiful and durable money savers. And if you want something “out of the box,” try sleek white concrete countertops.

Of course, last but certainly not least, are white cabinets which are available to suit every style, in every material, at every price.

Ready to Go All White?

If the answer is yes, go for it, you certainly won’t be disappointed. Not sure if all white is for you? Then consider pairing it with stainless steel or black accents, keeping balance and harmony always in mind. Want another option? Wood is a perfect complement for a white kitchen and can be used for flooring or island countertops. Glass is a great partner to add interest without adding color. The bottom line is you can’t go wrong when you chose a timeless white kitchen.

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