Tips and Tricks to Increase Counter Space

Tips and Tricks to Increase Counter Space

It seems that whether a kitchen is large or small, there could always be more counter space. While you often think only small kitchens like those in apartments, bungalows, and cottages need to increase counter space, the fact is nearly every homeowner, at one time or another, cries out for more counter space. Kitchen counters, after all, serve multiple purposes, storing items, serving as food preparation areas, doubling as homework space, and even acting as a buffet on occasion. Let’s explore some tips and tricks to increase your kitchen’s counterspace, regardless of how large or small it may seem.

Clean as You Go

While this tip isn’t really going to add any countertop real estate to your kitchen, it will certainly free up additional counterspace during food preparation and cooking time. As you prepare your food, keep debris under control with a garbage bowl near your cutting board to catch scraps, crumbs, and other waste. Doing so will not only mean more space for preparation but also make clean up easier when you are done. As you prep and cook, keep the sink or a pan filled with warm soapy water and clean dishes and pots as you go, loading the dishwasher along the way.

Space Increasing Annexes

When additional counter space is needed, consider adding a cutting board atop your stove (provided it is not in use) or over your sink. Either way, you have garnered more space for chopping, slicing, and dicing. Next, add a pot rack. A pot rack installed above your stove or nearby can hold pots and pans, as well as colanders, up and out of the way but always within easy reach. Plus, a pot rack is also a great place to store large spoons, spatulas, and other much needed kitchen utensils. Finally, get rid of your knife block, which is larger than you think, and add a magnetic strip or two to your wall to store your knives. It keeps your knives close by and in view for whatever slicing or dicing you may be doing. Now that, you’ve regains some counter space, consider storing your remaining utensils, like wooden spoons in a glass jar, ceramic crock, or even a tall canister.

Appliances of Convenience

Let’s begin with everyone’s favorite small appliance, the microwave. Rather than having it take up space on the countertop, consider hanging it on the wall underneath a cabinet or above your store. Next, consider what appliances you really need on the counter taking up much needed space. For example, if you drink coffee daily, then your coffee maker makes the countertop cut, but what about the blender or the toaster or the mixer which you may only use once a week or less. Put the less used convenience appliances away and increase your precious countertop space.

Use Your Floor Space

When additional counter space is needed, take a look at your floor. Do you have additional floor space that could become counter space with the addition of an island, kitchen cart, or other kitchen furniture like industrial metal kitchen stands. Islands, carts, and stands come in all shapes and sizes, making them an easy way to add storage and counter space for virtually any kitchen.

Think Outside the Box

When it comes to increasing counterspace, sometimes a bit of creative thinking is required. Like the pot rack, a hanging fruit basket can increase space on the counter, as can hooks for mugs. Spice racks can store multiple levels of spices while cookbooks can find a home atop the refrigerator. Multi-level lazy Susans can also provide layers of space while keeping your everyday items easily accessible. As you look around your kitchen, don’t be afraid to get creative – you may actually have more counter space than you ever imagined.

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