Top Kitchen Design Trends in 2022

Top Kitchen Design Trends in 2022

Part of making any kitchen look great is picking out an ideal interior design that will bring your kitchen to life. If you are building a brand new dream kitchen or giving your existing one a major makeover, you might be wondering what kitchen designs are trending in 2022. 

Whether you are trying to find the perfect design for your cabinets, wallpaper, or other features, there are several ways you can go about freshening up the appearance of your kitchen that you can show off to your friends and neighbors. Here are the top interior kitchen designs trending in 2022. 


Although buying and using second-hand kitchen items and decor has been increasing for some time, 2022 has seen this trend explode in popularity as people clamor for eco-friendly products to decorate their homes. While using recycled decor is less of an aesthetic choice than a practical one, kitchen designers and homeowners are actively seeking out ways to use ex-display kitchens and used pristine items for the sake of protecting the environment and saving on costs. If you care about the environment and are interested in cutting costs, consider joining this trend of buying quality second-hand kitchen decor. 


Another growing trend in 2022 is the use of rounded shapes to add a sense of elegance and softness to kitchen corners. Softer forms tend to be far more alluring and visually appealing, giving the impression of a more luxurious and desirable kitchen. Not only do soft corners look better, but they are also more ergonomic and nicer to use. This works especially well with kitchen tables, chairs, countertops, and islands, providing a safer environment (by removing hard right-angle corners) in addition to a visually appealing aesthetic. 


In another nod to mother nature, sustainable living has been growing in importance when it comes to designing kitchens and kitchen decor. Although many people are unwilling to compromise on aesthetics and price, the need to produce a lower carbon footprint has become a growing concern. 

With the increasing number of eco-friendly-minded customers, many interior designers have turned to handcrafted kitchens and decor that can last forever or be updated with new paint colors and different handles or knobs to cater to this growing trend of sustainability.


The use of marble in interior design is nothing new, as people have been using this for millennia to decorate their interiors. It is a testament to its visual appeal and the luxury status it exudes. Not only is marble itself beautiful to look at, but it pairs well with metallic finishes that are quite common around the kitchen, making it an excellent material to use to add some visual contrast and style. If you are looking for the best marble design for your dream kitchen, consider a white or creamy color that is richly veined for the best look in 2022. 


Like marble, wood in kitchen designs is nothing new and has existed for a long time. Many folks love wooden interior designs for the textures and timeless look it offers, adding a sense of simplicity, style, and a connection to nature. Furthermore, when it comes to wooden designs, there is a wide variety of options, from color to types of wood, that each features its characteristics and style. If you value simplicity and a wide variety of stylistic options, perhaps wood is for you. 

With so many different trends to pick from, finding the ideal interior design is a matter of personal choice and preference. When it comes to picking the right cabinets to match your interior design, consider working with Tops Kitchen Cabinet and their wide selection of wholesale kitchen cabinets to add functionality and visual appeal to your kitchen. 


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